From Unreal Engine 3 to Unreal Engine 4

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Unreal Engine 4 released for a long time, until recently had time to look carefully.

Timsweeney eldest brother a word "IF you love SOMETHING, SET IT free", originally need hundreds of thousands of authorization jinn can get the thing, from $19, to become freeware, and open source. As an international top engine, to get out of this step, for me and other ordinary developers is really the gospel. Such a bull x, plus open source, I believe Unreal Engine 4 will fire up, you see the recent E3 on the product display can feel. However, unreal positioning is "international top", rather than unity3d as the "development of the popularization", so it is difficult to get started.

Below I Unreal Engine 4 preliminary impression summed up, especially for like me Unreal Engine 3 students, hope that more students have learned unreal.

UnrealScript removed theThe biggest change in the language of development is to remove the unrealscript.UnrealScript Bar, that year is still a very NB thing, to know that the Unreal Generation release is 1998, and the Java language was released in 95. Tim Sweeney is said to have considered using Java as a top-level language when he started designing unreal, but Java was not yet mature, so he referenced Java and implemented this object-oriented, single-rooted scripting language. However, as time went on, epic did not seem to have spent much effort to evolve UnrealScript. In the age of Unreal Engine 3, it does seem a bit old, and it does have a lot of inconvenience in writing than some modern languages. So, remove it and remove it. However, it is important to note that the authorities have also set aside interfaces that integrate other scripting languages, such as Lua.

C++11Many of the underlying code at the bottom appears to have a strong affinity, and the underlying architecture is designed with a lot of ideas in mind. The bottom line is still using C + +, but with a lot of c++11 features, the code looks a lot more concise.The project is compiled and built using Unrealbuildtool, which should be extended from 3 generations, plus a unrealheadertool tool that guesses to generate custom reflection information based on macros such as Uclass,uproperty, Specific further research is pending.
Blueprint Visual ScriptingIt is said that this is the UE4 of the most bull x improvement. Looked at, the original is Kismet extension, even the source code is a lot of ukismentxxx that set. The Kistmet inside the UE3 is limited to one level, and blueprint expands. Levels can have only one level Blueprint, which is equivalent to the original Kismet, and the addition of Blueprint Class, probably using Blueprint to create custom actors, pown and the like, As a result of this function, the original archetype was replaced by the passing. In fact, as the older generation of the cock coder, I have been kismet that expression level visualization programming, has been not very cold (like Unity's playmaker, providing a higher level of abstraction of the visualization tools better). However, since it is UE4 the main thrust of the east, still have to see.However, it is really a good way to give designer a visual programming thing that allows them to implement some level logic, game rules, and so on. Of course, we will not lose the work of these coder, such as the game framework, the game some of the underlying features, common modules or C + + write good (or use Lua script?). ), encapsulated for use by blueprint.
Where's animtree?UE3 's animtree shocked me too much, so I was especially concerned about UE4 's animation system. Look, it seems to be broken down into blendspace and animgraph.
    • Blendspace
      Like saying "Stand, walk, run" these three movements, in UE3 's animtree inside is has a specific node to mix, according to the movement speed is different. In UE4, you need to create a blendspace1d resource and then expose the speed parameter.
    • Animblueprint
      Using Blueprint,animgraph, state machine, etc. to control the animation of the character, how does it look like Unity's mecanim a bit, alas ~
It seems that Animtree is really missing, unfortunately, because I think that the use of the tree structure to abstract animation system is very clear and powerful.
Rendering systemPhysics-based rendering (pbr:physically-based Rendering) effect is really too NB, Unity5 although also PBR, as if more than UE4 or a little bit! This needless to say, a variety of demo videos we have seen a lot. The rendering process is also completely delayed rendering. But multi-threaded rendering, sceneproxy, material and the like, the infrastructure has not changed.
Behavior TreeThis thing seems to be in the foreign game AI field these years quite popular, is a very tall thing, UE4 directly did, too good.
In addition, there are a lot of major improvements, such as package, resource import, add plug-in support, etc., here do not elaborate. Recommended to look at the official website of the article, as a supplement to this article:
    • transitioning from UE3 to UE4,
    • UE3 to UE4 TransitionGuide, Https://

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From Unreal Engine 3 to Unreal Engine 4

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