From the site planning and construction phase began to "promote"

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The main difficulties of website planning and construction stage are analyzed in the previous part of this paper. Due to the existence of the site construction phase of the "promotion" of some difficulties, from the site planning phase began to promote the appearance of a somewhat idealistic features, but this is not unrealistic fantasy, as long as the guiding ideology clear, proper control methods, so that the ideal of web site promotion and reality can be achieved. In short, the following three areas of work need to be taken into focus:
(1) The professional planning before the website construction. Network Marketing-oriented web site construction is not only concerned about the visual appearance of the site and the realization of basic technical functions, more important is to use the appropriate way to reflect the Web site's network marketing functions, in terms of site optimization, from the site structure, function, content, resources, such as the expansion of a full range of optimization design, These specific indicators need to be clearly reflected in the website proposal, wait until the completion of the site construction, or the construction process to consider these issues, due to the lack of clear guidelines, not only affect the smooth work, and will be lost, it is difficult to achieve a comprehensive optimization, also not from the planning stage on the site to promote the. Of course, the real professional web site Planning program is not casually can do, according to my personal experience, the completion of a highly professional website planning book workload, almost with the site design and development, but the reality of most of the Web site construction pursuit of speed rather than professionalism, the early planning often put little energy, The result is also conceivable, this is also a lot of web site can not play a major reason for the role.
(2) Effective control in the process of website construction. Throughout the site planning and construction process, after the principles and schemes of optimization design (including search engine optimization) are determined, reasonable control should be carried out in the course of implementing the scheme, if the content of the scheme is found to deviate, it needs to be adjusted early so as to avoid a bigger deviation at the end and even not achieve the expected goal of optimal design. Website optimization design control, and site planning, like professional, all need to have professional personnel to operate, not only from the guiding ideology adhere to the general principles of Web site optimization and policy, but also in each phase of the implementation of the goal consistency test. On the control of the website construction process, it is easy to say here, but in the actual work of effective control will have a certain degree of difficulty, sometimes even difficult to find effective control methods, in the development phase of the site, in the function is not completed before the test, a site's foreground and background development is not necessarily consistent, This has brought difficulty to the stage control. To address these issues, in addition to clearly listing the stage goals in the website development plan, a feasible approach is that site planning and management control personnel into the site development process, rather than only from the project developers to submit the stage report to find the problem, of course, this to the management control personnel put forward higher requirements, Just understand the basic idea of network marketing is not enough, need to some technical problems have a certain understanding, and need to have enough experience. It's not easy to really build a website.

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