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For a long time did not post in the Forum, yesterday there is a network of Amenorrhea hot news, do not know that we found no. The key word of the news is "throw out of the window", first I really do not know what this means, more do not know why it is so fire, even the big media are scrambling to ' Benzouxianggao '.

When I look at the "throw out the window" Baidu Index, found in recent days it from 0, suddenly jumped to 5000, and even continue to rise momentum, how is this concept? What is it that is sacred? How can you suddenly turn from nobody to hot topic? Become the big media for the broadcast of "incense Bun"? And listen to my thin road.

"Throw out the window" is actually a website, the full name is ' Throw out the window net ', this website is by some Fudan University graduate student to make out, inside mainly is to record the country many regions, the City Food Safety question report, the quantity achieves 3,000 many, the goal is in order to let the consumer use this platform, Learn about the food safety problems that have occurred in different regions and cities, and then give yourself a warning and a reference.

Look at this website again, the domain name suffix is the type that does not use, the website weight is also very low, domain name age also less than one year, before the traffic is few, but can become so hot in a day, so that the server because of click Too much and once near collapse, the big hits to let all network workers Envy envy hate What is the reason?

I am also a network worker, for this matter I think a good, think "throw out of the window net" Why suddenly so hot reasons are:

1, the website content is very timely. "Throw out of the window" is a special collection of food safety incidents, but also are real cases, it can give you a credibility. It can be said that the content of the people are very interested, but also useful for everyone, and even related to all the vital interests of (health).

2. The topic of the website is close to life. With the continuous development of society, economic market increasingly open, people can not be difficult to find, there are many problems began to emerge, such as food safety is related to the health of each individual important topic, coupled with our country in recent years has appeared a series of food safety events, such as Dairy Enterprise Sanlu, Mengniu, etc., Beverage enterprises of Coca-Cola (Shanxi Poison Cola event), what also dyed steamed bread, industrial gelatin jelly, poison capsules, counterfeit cod and so on, it can be said that consumers are shocked, abhorrence. So, when a sudden emergence of such a website, can give you a reference and warning time, we will like, even if it does not necessarily have much effect, or the information provided is far from exhaustive, but at least we are willing to understand, willing to refer to.

3, the site exposure of the event type response is very large. The issue of food safety has become a topic of great concern to the whole society. At the same time, the government is also a major effort to deal with an object, now "throw out the window network" seems to provide a response to food safety issues, but also to the relevant government departments sounded a wake-up call-food safety problems really must be severely remediation.

In fact, this is why the major network media are scrambling to "throw out the window net" Benzouxianggao, free to help it play the main reason for advertising, because they are very clear, this is a social hot topic, as long as after their hype, will certainly cause greater repercussions. And the media favorite thing to do is "are disruptive"!

Of course, as a network staff, we should be sensitive, for such a hot event, naturally can not miss ' exaggerated, Fish in troubled Waters ' a chance, I will be the first time the major network media related video information gathered over, and then add their own promotional information, and then quickly released, the results are really amazing clicks, Baidu for such a popular event is also very fast, this is in fact also verified that Baidu is like to "join the fun." And I write this original article, on the one hand is really want to share the experience, on the other hand also do not deny that is to continue to "exaggerated"!!!

Said so much, I believe this article for everyone to inspire it, as a network promotion staff, a network marketing workers, we must have a keen insight, to have a very sensitive nerves Oh! It's not easy to write original, and I have always been very poor in Chinese, so it is really hard to finish writing, if anyone feels useful, When you want to forward, please do not forget to bring my link:, thank you very much for your support!!!

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