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This book is suitable for the majority of Linux learners. Save your Linux training silver immediately. E3000 help you to learn Linux travel more enjoyable! Crazy growing Linux knowledge. Heritage Classic to the vast number of Linux beginners Shuffle!

This tutorial inherits the classic and illustrated features of Linux masters and immediately bids farewell to Linux beginners for intermediate or advanced stages. At the same time, it inherits from Windows to Linux tutorials V2.0 Comprehensive solution features. It gives you the most important basics of Linux knowledge. Challenge higher Linux skills from here on out.

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CHM version: ftp://ftp_hllinux:123456@ Windows to Linux Tutorials E3000 Basic learning. CHM (Unable to download please connect later or download here)

PDF version: ftp://ftp_hllinux:123456@ Windows to Linux Tutorials E3000 Basic learning. PDF (Right-click Save As, download is not normal please download here)

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