Front-end coarse total na and important knowledge points

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front-end workflow :

? 1. Code writing 2. Code compilation 3. Code compression 4. Picture Compression 5. Version Control 6. Testing

Front-end layout:

1. Grid 2. Flow 3. Response 4. Holy Grail (padding placeholder layout--crm Common left and right parts)

front-end those can be optimized for performance:

? 1. Domain name address 2. Domain name resolution 3. Three handshake (Request-response-Send) 4.HTML (load Resource) 5. Js


reduce the number of requests for Web sites?

1. File compression (HTML, CSS, JS, pictures)

2?. Icon Font (try to use font instead of picture)

3.css Sprst (integrating small images into one picture)?

4. Caching of Files

5.ajax Cache

6.CDN acceleration

7. File Merging

8.css Selector

9. Reduce the caching of JS Dom?

How to center an element??


? 1.margin:0 Auto

2. Positioning 50%


4.JS Dynamic Centering

5.html4.0 inside the Center

6.padding percent%

7.margin percent%

8. Squeeze past the empty div placeholder


1?. Padding Commissioning

2.margin Commissioning


4. Positioning (Table label Display:tablecell)?

what is CSS reflow and css redraw??

? 1.css reflow: Same attribute two CSS styles first executes the previous one, followed by a style that overrides the previous CSS

2.css Redraw: Typesetting, structure events, resulting in redrawing?

Front-end coarse total na and important knowledge points

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