Front-End Developer Handbook

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This is a hands-on manual that anyone can use to learn the front end, outlining and discussing the practice of front-end engineering: What to learn and what to do in practice.

There are two purposes for writing the handbook: one is to provide professional resources for potential and ongoing front-end developers, including learning materials and development tools; The second is that the handbook can be used by managers, CTO, lecturers and headhunters as an insight into front-end development practices.

The content of the handbook supports Web technologies (HTML, CSS, DOM, and JavaScript), and the manuals provide solutions that are directly based on these open technologies. The materials and discussions referenced in the manual are the best, or the current front-end developers need to face the problem.

The handbook should not be seen as a comprehensive outline of all available resources by a front-end developer, whose value lies in brevity, concentration and timely management of enough categorical information to prevent anyone from immersing themselves in any particular topic.

The handbook publishes an update every year.

The handbook is divided into three sections:

The first part: front-end development practice

The first chapter outlines the practice of front-end engineering

Part II: Learning Front-end development

The second part is to become a front-end developer who determines the direct resources of autonomous learning

Part III: Front-end development tools

The third chapter briefly discusses the use of some front-end development tools


  • Front-End Developer Handbook
  • What is a front-end developer?
  • The first part: front-end development practice
    • Front-End Job title
    • Common Network Technology
    • Front-end development technology stack
    • What does front-end development do
    • Front end of the team
    • All-rounder myth
    • Front-End Interview questions
    • Front End Work Section
    • Front-end Payroll
    • How to become a front-end developer?
  • Part Two: front-end Development learning
    • Autonomous Learning
      • internet/web
      • Web browser
      • DNS
      • http/Network
      • Web host
      • frontend Development Comprehensive Learning
      • user interface and interactive design
      • HTML & CSS
      • SEO
      • JavaScript
      • Web animation
      • DOM, BOM & JQuery
      • Web fonts
      • Barrier-free design
      • web/ Browser API
      • JSON
      • static Web page builder
      • frontend application schema design
      • interface/api design
      • Web developer Tools
      • command Line
      • node. js
      • react.js
      • Module Loader
      • Package Manager
      • version control
      • Build & Task Automation
      • Site Performance Optimization
      • JS Test
      • Shell-Free browser
      • Offline Development
      • Security
      • Multi-platform development
    • Guiding learning
      • Front-end guidance learning
    • where the front-end developers Learn
    • front-end briefings, news & blogs
  • Part III: Front-end development tools
    • Common front-end development tools
    • Doc/api Browse
    • Seo
    • Prototypes and Frameworks
    • Chart
    • http/Network
    • Code editing
    • Browser
    • Html
    • Css
    • Dom
    • Javascript
    • Static Web Page Builder
    • APP (, mobile, tablet, etc.) management
    • Scaffolding
    • Template
    • UI Parts & Components
    • Visualization of data
    • Graphics
    • Animation
    • Json
    • Test framework
    • Data storage
    • Module/Paukka Load
    • Module/Package Warehouse
    • web/Cloud/Static Hosting
    • Project Management & Code Hosting
    • Cooperation & Communication
    • CMS managed/api
    • BASS
    • Offline
    • Safety
    • Task management
    • Deployment
    • Website/app Monitoring
    • JS Error Monitoring
    • Performance
    • Svg

Front-End Developer Handbook

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