Front-End Developer handbook 2017 front-end developer's manual 2017 (4)

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2017 expected ...


    1. Web Assembly, may be just the peak.
    2. Import may only be used in <scripts></scripts>
    3. All JavaScript solutions will continue to rise, salute/server delivery front-end days (such as HTML for customers).
    4. Reactive programming is still thriving in JavaScript scenarios. (see MOBX and RXJS).
    5. React, more concepts, will dominate. The react itself will be completely rewritten (see react Fiber) or evolution (see Inferno).
    6. Angular found the semantic version so ANGULAR4 (even 5) in the 2017 roadmap.
    7. With the help of 2017 tools, it may happen that the regression simple website, Web 1.0 retro (ie, static website generation)
    8. The RESTful JSON API (see GRAPHQL) will gain more competition.
    9. It could be a year of vue.js flags.

10. More developers will abandon the traditional static website builder CMS solution and API CMS tool. (CMS is the acronym for the Content Management system, meaning the "contents Management Systems".) )

11. More people will be from sass to Postcss + Cssnext.

12. More HTTP2 and HTTPS.

Web Components will continue to lurk, waiting for important traction from developers who may never come.

14. Without frameworks, frameworks, factions will develop faster (see svelte).

The JavaScript will precipitate down, hopefully, CSS will explode, and everyone will cry until it settles.

16. When there is no memory error in the open network, the hatred to the store grows.

The redux will continue to be fiercely contested (see MOBX).

Yarn will win more users.

19. "Front-end application", "thick client application", "Static Application", "No Backend Application", "single page Application", "Front end driver" may boil down to the term/concept called "JAM Stack".

Front-End Developer handbook 2017 front-end developer's manual 2017 (4)

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