Front End analysis and design 7 steps

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1, describe the requirements. This time the demand may not be specific, is a general approximate state. Sometimes, it's just a few words.

2, the needs as far as possible refinement, concrete, and then listed.

3, visualization requirements. For example, through the mind map of the way to enumerate the needs.

4, comb the function structure. Enumerate the complete functional structure, including the elements on the page, even the interactive process.

5, draw the prototype. Draw prototypes based on functional structure. In many cases, edges are adjusted to perfect the functional structure, while drawing prototypes. Carding functional structure and painting prototype are iterative processes.

6, art design. Collect relevant information, keywords, reference, imitation, can be hand-drawn sketches. Finally, use Photoshop and other tools to make a beautiful interface.

7, the front-end encoding. HTML, Javascript, adaptive, and so on.

Continually iterate.

Front End analysis and design 7 steps

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