Front end of the series-1. PHP Environment Setup

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Preface, a good front end must understand a door back end, also must understand the design!

PHP is our best choice, fast entry, rapid development, a lot of integrated environment, a good manual reading, can maximize the operation of JS and the backend of the interactive implementation, understand Cookie,ajax, and so on, the same in the static structure can also improve their own CSS processing, he for us to quickly understand the web!

Dynamic display of data to solve the front-end pure static problem

Multi-platform, we don't care, we work on the window

scripting language, the look of tags,


The collection environment is many, appsever we use

Explanatory language, do not compile, write an execution basis, refresh view, Favorites

Environment Construction:

Appserv 2.5.10

Apache 2.2.8

PHP 5.2.6

MySQL 5.0.51b


Download it, PHP version is 5.x, is said to be compatible, the number of system bits is good, 32 or 64, my Win7 32-bit

Open the installation, the port is 8080, I was afraid of conflict, the database account default root password 123456

After success ... Browser input address?????????? Http://localhost:8080/?? ????????

On the page:

PhpMyAdmin Database Manager Version 2.10.3 clicks to manage your own MySQL databases

We found the directory to install Appserv, find the WWW folder, we create a demo.html page

Browser address input http://localhost:8080/demo.html see the contents of the HTML page to indicate the installation OK!

PHP file is. php suffix name, we change the name of the demo suffix to demo.php. Address changed to: http://localhost:8080/demo.php,

Also shows that ok!

The environment is complete, like all languages, the next step is grammar learning, and our grammar tests are handled in this environment!

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