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First, close Firefox automatic form filling

<autocomplete= "Off"/>

Firefox browser will be based on the history of filling out the form of automatic completion such as radio button, check box, and will make the code set in the Checked= "checked" This default selection is not valid, and sometimes even JS modification does not work, which will give us a lot of inconvenience of development. As a result, a form with a program default setting value is recommended to add autocomplete= "off"

Second, turn off the phone-side input box first letter capital

<type= "text"  autocapitalize= "Off"  placeholder  = "User name-close capitalize">

In IOS, the user can manually turn on the "capitalize automatically" feature so that when you enter English, the initials are automatically capitalized. However, there are times when you do not want to always capitalize the initial letter. For example, the User name field, if the field itself is case-sensitive, the initial automatic capitalization will often cause trouble to the user. You can turn off by setting autocapitalize= "off" on the form element.

Front Pit--form article

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