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  1. Create a table

The tabulation function is also an important aspect of the many features of FrontPage. We not only use the table to display some regular data, but also often adjust the table cells, in which the text and graphics, to achieve the layout of the Web page purposes.

Let's take a look at this page, which is the effect in normal mode.

The text is divided into two columns. Text is surrounded by dotted lines. These dotted lines are actually the frame line of the table, we use the table to divide the page into two columns.

We switch to preview mode and the box line is gone.

The dotted line seen in normal mode can be easily edited by us. Because the width of the table's border is 0, it is dotted in normal mode, and it doesn't appear in the browser. That means separating the text with an invisible form.

  How do I create a table?

First adjust the insertion point to where you want to insert the table, and click the Insert Table button on the Standard toolbar

Drag the mouse until the number of rows in the highlighted grid is the same as the table you want to insert. Here we use 3 times 4, which is 3 rows and 4 columns.

In fact, this method creates cells that can only set the row height and column widths of each cell to be the same, and you can use the Insert Table command if you want to set up the table when you create the table. After you set the insertion point, select the Insert command on the Table menu, click the Table command,


Set the number of rows to 3, set the number of columns to 4, set the border thickness to 5, make the cell spacing to 3, confirm the specified width check box, select the unit as a percentage, set the percentage to 80, make the table width 80% of the browser width, and click OK.

The new table border becomes thicker. This is because we've just set the thickness of the border to 3, and the dividing line between the cells is wider, because we set the result of cell spacing. Our settings automatically become the default setting for the next time you create a table.

There is also a way to create a table, you can directly draw the table.

The table toolbar appears when you select the Toolbars command on the View menu and click the Table option.

Click the hand-drawn table button to draw a table by dragging the mouse. Double-click the mouse to exit the drawing table state.

If the picture is wrong, click the Erase button to drag on the line you want to erase, and the line will turn red.

Let go of the mouse and the line will be erased.

The other buttons on the table toolbar correspond to the commands in the Table menu, and they are used the same way.

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