FTP Common Errors

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FTP Common Errors

110 restart marker reply. In this case, the text is exact and not left
The particle implementation; it must read: Mark yyyy = mmmm where yyyy is
User-process data stream marker, and mmmm server s equivalent marker (note
The spaces between markers and "= ").
Restart flag response. In this case, the information is accurate and does not need to be specially processed. You can see that in the mark yyyy = Mmm, YYYY is the user process data stream mark, mmmm is the corresponding mark on the server (note the space between the mark and equal sign)
120 service ready in NNN minutes.
Service available in NNN time
125 data connection already open; transfer starting.
The data connection is enabled and data transmission starts.
150 File status okay; about to open data connection.
The file status is correct. The data connection is being opened.
200 command okay.
Command Execution ends normally.
202 command not implemented, superfluous at this site.
The command is not executed. This site does not support this command.
211 system status, or system help reply.
System status or system help information response.
212 directory status.
Directory status information.
213 File status.
File status information.
214 help message. on how to use the server or the meaning of a participant
Non-standard command. This reply is useful only to the human user. Help Information
About how to use this server or special non-standard commands. This reply is only useful to people.
215 name system type. Where name is an official system name from the list
In the assigned numbers document.
Name system type.
220 Service ready for new user.
The service of the newly connected user is ready
221 Service closing control connection.
Close Control connection
225 data connection open; no transfer in progress.
The data connection is enabled, and no data is being transferred.
226 closing data connection. Requested file action successful (for example,
File Transfer or file abort ).
Closing data connection. The request file action ends successfully (for example, file transfer or termination)
227 entering passive mode (H1, H2, H3, H4, P1, P2 ).
Enter passive mode
230 user logged in, proceed. logged out if appropriate.
The user has logged in. You can log out without any need.
250 requested file action okay, completed.
The requested file operation is completed successfully.
257 "pathname" created.
Path created
331 user name Okay, need password.
The user name already exists. Enter the password.
332 need account for login.
Account to be logged in
350 requested file action pending further information
More information is required for operations on the requested file.
421 service not available, closing control connection. This may be a reply
To any command if the service knows it must shut down.
The service is unavailable and the control connection is closed. This may be a response to any command, if the service thinks it must be disabled
421 too extends users-Please try again later.
Too many users will be connected later.
425 can t open data connection.
An error occurred while enabling the data connection.
426 Connection closed; Transfer aborted.
The connection is closed and the transfer is aborted.
450 requested file action not taken.
Operations on the requested file are not performed
451 requested action aborted. Local error in processing.
The requested operation is aborted. A local error occurs during processing.
452 requested action not taken. Insufficient storage space in system. File
Unavailable (e.g., file busy ).
The requested operation is not executed. Insufficient system storage space. File unavailable
500 syntax error, command unrecognized. This may include errors such
Command Line too long.
Syntax error, unrecognized command. This may be because the command line is too long.
501 syntax error in parameters or arguments.
Syntax Error Caused by parameter error
502 command not implemented.
Command not executed
503 bad sequence of commands.
Command Order error.
504 command not implemented for that parameter.
The command is not executed due to a parameter error.
530 not logged in.
Generally, the password is incorrect.

530 sorry, no anonymous access allowed.
This means anonymous logon is not allowed.

530 not logged in, unauthorized IP Address
Your IP address is not within the IP address range permitted by the webmaster. You only need to contact the webmaster and ask him to add your IP address segment to the allow access list.
[For traffic downloading, your IP address is incorrectly set. Go to the traffic page and set it again]

530 not logged in, only one (may also be two or three) session from same IP allowed at a time.
You can only download one IP address (or two or three), so do not use multiple threads.
532 need account for storing files.
Account information is required to store files
550 requested action not taken. File unavailable (e.g., file not found, no
Access ).
The request is not executed and the file is unavailable.
551 requested action aborted. Page type unknown.
Request operation aborted. The page type is unknown.
552 requested file action aborted. exceeded Storage Allocation (for current
Directory or dataset ).
The operation on the requested file is aborted. Exceeded Storage Allocation
553 requested action not taken. File Name Not Allowed
The request is not executed. File Name Not Allowed
This error is similar to the HTTP protocol, which is roughly:
3-permission issues
4-file Problems
Starting with 5 -- server problems

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