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HP Spectre 13 Phantom deformation is by far the world's thinnest notebook, thickness of only 10.4 mm, 3 type-c interface, plus seven Daicouri I5/i7 processor, light and thin, this notebook does not sacrifice performance. From the design point of view, Spectre 13 can be called the Spear of Spectre, it is very sharp.

(HP Spectre 13 Phantom deformation book)

The Phantom variant of HP Spectre X360 is another temperament that has nothing to do with the thinnest, lightest words that can win news pages. It is more like the shield of Spectre, and it is a great coincidence.

(HP Spectre x350 Phantom deformation book)

Why should we choose a good computer?

Before entering the actual evaluation stage, I still want to talk about my usual purchase criteria, or consumption criteria, is to accompany their own 8 hours of things, as far as possible to choose to withstand the best, such as bedding, personal clothing, as well as keyboard and mouse peripherals. Naturally, the productivity tools of computers are no exception.

However, when I wrote another computer review last year, I said:

Many people for the computer's tolerance of cotton than the opponent machine cotton is much better, always think the former is delayed work, the latter is the delay of life, and work for others, life is their own. And I always buy the idea is that the computer as best as possible, mobile phone enough on the line. In the computer use of the scene, in fact, it is very easy to encounter a challenging scene, but the burden of mobile phone application is not very big case, mobile phone performance Most of the time is a large surplus (Xiao 810 locks a large, but in fact does not affect the day-to-day use).

So I was equipped with a complete desktop solution desktop work plan, and then replaced the monitor keyboard and mouse according to the requirements. But when I was on a business trip, I was short of a super pole for my hand. Sony's Pro 13 performance was too fast, and later the Apple New MacBook was abused by the interface and keyboard to make me cry, and because of the habit of using the system, I was much less productive in the non-Windows environment.

So many of the principles of purchasing and lessons learned, in fact, is to say that a problem: to pick a computer must be a concern, the use of reliable computer can significantly improve the efficiency of productivity tools, investment, may be a hundredfold thousand times in return.

This is the exact form of a notebook.

I mentioned in my previous article titled "Whether the Notebook is too much design" the original research of the design guru. In the book "Design Design" written by the original institute, there was a "computer technology and design" which talked about the development of computer technology almost dragging the design forward, and eventually deviated from the original intention.

Considering the book's time in the prime of the PC industry, what he said was somewhat stubborn, and, in fact, it was believed that society had no compassion for those who could not keep up with the times. However, at the risk of being misunderstood, he still has to say that technological evolution should be slower and more stable.

In its text, the original institute said:

After some tuning, the design of the "Let today look at the new thing tomorrow look at the old" this aspect of the hero, but also responsible for the novelty of fruit to a table of curious guests, which further exacerbated its distortion, so that it succumbed to the new technology.

This conservatism may not necessarily be right, but I also think that on the PC, technology evolution should be stabilized, and the adoption of new technologies should respect the use of habits as a prerequisite.

In the current controversial notebook interface issue, HP Spectre x360 Phantom deformation of the use of two 2-generation USB 3.1 type-c port (sleep charge Port, Thunderbolt 3 port), support charging, data transmission and video connection, and it also retains a USB 3.1 Type-a port, guaranteed to be able to directly connect with the traditional USB disk equipment.

But we can also see that now the thickness of the USB type-a port is almost the same as the X360 Phantom of HP Spectre, and the Type-c port on the right is up and down. From the perspective of the future, type-c affirmation is worth popularizing, it function more province place, but in the present view, or TYPE-A application scope is wider, this kind of deformation is in a relative limit thickness to retain two kinds of interface, on the one hand embrace the new technology, on the other hand take care of old equipment, is the current more secure practice.

In addition to the details of the interface, HP Spectre x360 Phantom deformation of this visually visible design mainly on this 360, meaning that the notebook can be flipped 360 degrees.

Traditional 120-degree flip angle notebook to meet the basic use of no problem, but in the 360-degree flip before, it can only be "not can not use" level.

In some scenarios, a 360-degree flip can do the icing on the cake. For example, in the standing mode, the keyboard area becomes the base to hide backwards, the screen becomes the main part, this mode is suitable for focusing on the film.

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