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ADSL faults are inevitable, and some are problems of the Telecom Bureau. For our users, this problem can only be solved by calling the operators. Some problems are the problems of the user end, which can be solved by analysis.

First, when the network cannot be connected, the first thing to do is to observe the status of the ADSL Modem indicator. Although the indicators of different models are different, but the idea is the same. The following uses the etek TD-20018 ADSL Router as an example.

Ittek TD-2018

On top of the ITEC TD-2018, there are six indicators: PWR, ALM, WLK, WAC, LLK, and LAC.
PWRIt is a power lamp. It should always be on after power is switched on.
ALMIt is an alarm light. When a problem occurs or a link is established, the light may be on.
WLKIt is a wide-area network-connected street lamp. When the local line is normal, it should always be bright. If it is blinking or not bright, it indicates that there is a problem with the line connected to the Telecommunications Bureau.
LLKIt is a LAN-link street lamp. When the connection to the network card is normal, it should always be on. If it is flashing or not on, it means there is a problem with the line connecting to the network card.
WAC, LACThey are link activity indicators. When data passes through, they are all blinking. We can see that the WLK and LLK indicators are very important.

All ADSL faults can be divided into the following five types of faults:
1. You cannot access the Internet or make a phone call.
2. You can make a phone call and cannot access the Internet.
3. Access to the Internet is slow.
4. Unstable Internet access and frequent disconnection.
5. Others. Other faults except the above four types of faults, such as surfing the internet, but not making phone calls; surfing the internet, but with phone noises.

The following are analyzed one by one:

1. You cannot access the Internet or make a phone call.
This type of fault is generally a line fault. You can directly find the carrier or call the local 112.

2. You can make a phone call and cannot access the Internet.
This is a typical fault. The cause of failure may be related to all devices or links in the broadband network structure.

First, check whether the Modem indicator is normal.
If PWR is abnormal, the Modem power supply is mostly loose or completely broken.
If the WLK light is not on or flashing, it indicates that the MODEM is not working normally. You should re-power the connection to see if it works normally. If WLK is always blinking, it indicates that the ADSL line is being connected or cannot be connected. This is a line problem. Check whether the telephone line connected to the separator is reliable, check whether the telephone connection in the room has poor contact. If the problem persists, contact the carrier or call the local 112.
If the LLK indicator is not on, it indicates that the Modem is not connected to the computer Nic, or the computer Nic is faulty (whether the two indicators of the NIC are in normal status can be used as a reference ). Make sure that the connection is connected. If necessary, you can only change the NIC.

If the indicator lights of the above MODEM are normal and there is still a network failure, you can basically identify it as a user-side device problem, usage problem or upstream port problem. In this case, check whether the computer Nic is in working status, physical connection, and network configuration are correct. If it is correct, contact the carrier or call 112.

3. Access to the Internet is slow.
There are many reasons for this problem.

A) It may be that the access speed of the website to be browsed is slow, for example, browsing some foreign websites;
B) There are too many protocols bound to the network card. For example, a network card is used for both ADSL dial-up and LAN connection ).
C) Because ADSL technology has high requirements on the quality of telephone lines, if the user's line is disturbed, ADSL will automatically adjust the user's access speed. When the line quality is restored, the access speed is also restored. Therefore, be sure to maintain good line quality.
D) The home is too far away from the local device.
E) There are too many users, and local uplink ports cause bottlenecks.

4. Unstable Internet access and frequent disconnection.
This problem is generally caused by poor line quality, long lines, excessive line noise, poor line contact, and other causes of high-frequency attenuation.
In addition, the possible cause is that other voice equipment is installed on the front end of the MODEM, the separator is not correctly installed, the electrical equipment is disturbed, the telephone line plug is not in good contact, and the local equipment is faulty.

5. can dial the Internet but cannot open the webpage
The problem may be caused by software and operating systems. Solution: reinstall the dialing software such as Beijing broadband or raspppoe. Check whether the computer operating system matches the dialing software and whether the proxy server software is used. If necessary, find a carrier or reinstall the operating system.

6. ADSL data traffic crashes when the traffic volume is large
It is generally considered that this is the quality or compatibility of the network card, especially the 10 m network card of the old ISA bus. Because PPPOE is a relatively new technology, the compatibility of such network cards may be problematic and the speed is relatively slow, cause the final line of the conflict to be deadlocked or even crashed.

The possible problems of ADSL mainly involve these aspects. Of course, this is only my personal opinion and is not necessarily comprehensive and accurate for your reference only. In addition, it is very useful to master some troubleshooting methods. After all, the service quality of the telecommunications department still needs to be improved, so that it is not difficult to wait for a long time.

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