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Editor's note:
You may think that the content introduced in this article is a bit old, and we agree that this is an earlier article. However, this article details how to set up an Internet cafe network, which is of great value to some network administrators. So I hope you can get some inspiration from this article!

This is a guiding article that teaches you how to set up Internet cafes. The article mainly consists of the preface, PC purchasing, network hardware selection, network installation and debugging, and daily maintenance of Internet cafes, IT details how to understand the formation of an internet cafe from the IT perspective. In fact, the establishment of an Internet cafe (regardless of the size) involves many aspects, including site selection, marketing strategies, and business qualifications, the author briefly introduced how to set up and maintain a small-and medium-sized Internet cafe from the IT perspective. I believe IT is very useful for those who are preparing to open their own Internet cafes. At the same time, this article also describes a lot of hardware options, small and medium Internet cafes facing network upgrades and transformation may also find the products you need from our introduction.
Quick Introduction

What should I do if I cannot find a job and stay unemployed at home? Or, you just want to take advantage of the time to make a fight and create multiple types of business to increase the income source ......, Open an internet cafe. Although the Internet cafes in big cities are near saturation and strict management approval, the Internet cafes in the vast cities and the vast towns are still a virgin land, investing in a small-scale Internet cafe in these areas can make you feel lucky and find a way to make a living.

Section 1 Preface

How to set up an Internet cafe, how to set up an Internet cafe, and how to make yourself invincible in the increasingly brutal commercial competition is what everyone needs to know, blindly follow suit, and blindly invest in, it only puts yourself in a dilemma.

For average readers, although some internet cafe chain stores have hundreds of computers, most of them are new to employment, you don't have to compete face to face with such a large store. Based on residential areas and towns, you can also make your own Internet cafes operate well, and let people in areas where the Internet is not yet popular learn the benefits of the Internet. In addition, for average people, it is best to build an internet cafe from an early age. You should not think about it as a golden doll, for different cities and different Internet users, there must be different Internet cafes. For example, just as we cannot measure Internet cafes in small towns by Internet cafe standards in large cities, everyone's choice will certainly be completely different.

The fundamental purpose of creating an Internet cafe is to make a profit and keep your internet cafe undefeated for a long time on the basis of attracting customers. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to adopt different purchase strategies, networking strategies, Internet access strategies, and business strategies based on different market needs. For example, if you invest 2-3 million yuan in an Internet cafe in a small town with thousands of people, you can purchase 8-12 computers to meet the requirements. For example, if you want to invest in Internet cafes in the suburbs of a large city or in a small and medium-sized city, it is more appropriate to purchase around 12-20 computers in a solution of about 3-5 million yuan. In this way, the investment is not much, the results are fast, and you can move to the point where you can leave.

Section 2 Selection and configuration of Internet cafe computers

Based on my experience, starting with Internet cafes, we should not consider how much money you want to earn, but how long your investment will be paid back. Only after you withdraw your investment will you start to make a profit. According to the general market rules of Internet cafes, it is best to withdraw the investment in about seven or eight months, not more than a year at most. If it takes more than a year to withdraw its investment, then the computer industry, which is frequently updated, is in danger of being empty. To meet the above requirements, investment is the key, and purchase is the key to investment.

You do not need to configure too many computers for Internet cafes, because the high configuration is a little tricky for Internet cafes. Below I will recommend some specific configurations of Internet cafes for your reference.

I. configuration Scheme

Many readers are concerned about how to build internet cafe computers that are more suitable for their needs with less investment. We have introduced two cost-effective distribution solutions. (See the table below)

Ii. Configuration comment

For the overall price, 2000-3500 yuan is the main price for Internet cafe distribution. The above configurations are recommended to you after considering the cost-effectiveness and comprehensive performance of various accessories. In fact, the most important cost is the PC used by Internet cafes. Below are some of the latest Internet cafe PC configuration solutions recommended by the DIY zone of IT168. If you want to learn more about PC configuration, you can visit the DIY zone of IT168.
Finally, select the number of computers you need based on the size of the Internet cafes you need, and then cut down the price as a whole, to indicate the warranty and replacement time of various accessories and other after-sales services, then let the merchants assemble their computers. After some simple machine check, you can pull the computers back and start networking.

Section 3 network hardware selection

Of course, the choice of network hardware is inevitable when you set up a LAN in an Internet cafe. Generally, the main hardware devices required to set up a star LAN are network transmission media such as NICs, network cables, and hubs (switches.

I. Network Card

The NIC is a standing device for establishing a LAN. You can select a motherboard integrated Nic or an independent NIC. The following factors should be taken into account when purchasing a NIC:

Common Nic interfaces are BNC interface and RJ-45 interface, there are two interfaces are dual Nic. The selection of interfaces is related to the network cabling mode. In a small shared LAN, BNC port NICs are directly connected to other computers and servers through coaxial cables, currently, it is rarely used, And the RJ-45 port Nic connects to the HUB through twisted pair wires and connects to other computers and servers through the HUB. It is the mainstream choice (now Internet cafes generally use star networks ). (For example)

RJ-45 interface Nic

The speed of the NIC indicates the speed at which the NIC receives and sends data. The speed of the NIC is mainly 10 M, 100 M, 10/100 M Adaptive, and M. At present, the fast 10/100 m pci Nic is the mainstream in the market. For example, the price of a 8139-chip (10/100 M Adaptive) Nic is not expensive, for example, TP-LINK and golden wave 8139 NICs only require about 30 RMB.

You can purchase the corresponding number of NICs according to the number of NICs on your computer. To prevent the network from being connected due to accidental Nic damage, it is best to buy one or two more NICs for urgent use.

Recommended NIC:
TP-LINK TF-3239D reference price: 33 yuan


Golden wave KN-8139 reference price: 32 yuan


Ii. Twisted Pair wires and crystal heads

Twisted Pair wires are a transmission medium formed by encapsulating one pair or more twisted pair wires in an Insulating Coat. They are the most commonly used cabling materials in LAN. To reduce signal interference, each pair of twisted pair wires in the cable is generally twisted by two insulated copper wires. Twisted pair wire is generally used for star network cabling, the two ends of the installation of a RJ-45 (crystal head), the connection network card and the hub, the maximum length of the network cable is about 100. (For example)

Twisted Pair wires

Twisted Pair wires are divided into two categories: unshielded twisted pair wires (UTP) and shielded twisted pair wires (STP). Non-shielded twisted pair wires in Lan are divided into three categories, four categories, five categories, and five categories, shielded twisted pair wires are divided into three categories and five categories. Currently, the twisted pair wires commonly used in Lan are non-shielded cables of category 5 and 4 pairs (eight wires. The transmission rate of these twisted pairs can reach 100 Mbps. Three types of twisted pair wires sold on the market are thin outer protection rubber, and CAT 3 is marked on the rubber skin. The outer packing box is labeled with "3". The outer protection rubber of five types of twisted pair wires is thick, CAT 5 is marked on the rubber cover, and "5" is marked on the outer packing cart. The price is higher than that of Category 5 twisted pair wires, which are unshielded twisted pair wires. Compared with common category 5 twisted pair wires, category 5 twisted pair wires have lower attenuation and stronger anti-interference capability when transmitting signals. In a 1/4 M network, the interference degree of user devices is only of that of Category 5 wires, is currently the best solution for network applications. Therefore, when purchasing cat5 or Category 5 twisted pair wires, do not purchase cheap cat5 twisted pair wires. These products can only be used as three types of twisted pair wires.

The crystal head (RJ-45 connector) is used with twisted pair wire network medium, RJ45 crystal head front end has 8 groove, referred to as "8 p" Groove within the metal contacts a total of 8, for short, "8C", so the crystal head is also called "8P8C ". RJ45 crystal head consists of metal parts and plastic parts, you need to pay special attention to the pin number, when the metal parts face us from left to right PIN number is 1-8, this serial number is very important when connecting networks.

Among all network products, the crystal head should be the smallest device, but it plays a very important role. Therefore, do not ignore it because it is small. When selecting, you should pay attention to the fact that the metal shrapnel at the front end of the crystal head should not only have a strong hardness, but also have a good toughness. When the hardness is poor, the metal shrapnel cannot be inserted into the wire of twisted pair wires, the crystal head will not work when the toughness does not meet the requirements, it is prone to metal shrapnel fracture in addition, the plastic shrapnel on the opposite side of the crystal head should have good elasticity to ensure good contact between the crystal head and the equipment. You can give it a try. If you hear the crisp sound during insertion, it means that the elasticity is better. At last, the crystal head should be made with a special clamp, therefore, the requirements of the crystal head material should have good plasticity, will not appear in the suppression of fragmentation phenomenon.

Purchase twisted pair wires of the desired quantity and length according to your needs and wiring length, and purchase several more crystal heads for urgent use.

Iii. Broadband Routers

Many Internet cafes use proxy servers to share the Internet. This method must take up time for a computer to start up and use it, which is not only a waste of resources, but also not conducive to maintenance, however, using Broadband Router products can solve these problems for you. (For example)

TP-LINK Broadband Router

A Broadband Router is a low-cost routing product for civil use. It integrates simple routing and switch functions. It is a device that allows multiple users to share an Internet access line. The typical structure is that the Internet End is equipped with a 10 M/M port, there are four 10 M/M ports at one end of the LAN (most broadband routers are also a four-port switch at the same time. If you only have less than four computers, you can directly use it as a switch). Most products have the DHCP server function that automatically assigns IP addresses to devices connected to one end of the LAN. In addition, to prevent unauthorized access, simple firewall functions are also provided. In this way, you only need a broadband port, whether your broadband is using Cable Modem or ADSL, broadband routers allow all computers on your LAN to share the internet anytime, anywhere without proxy servers or complex settings.

When purchasing a Broadband Router, Internet cafe users must pay attention to the following points:

1. The price of around-Chinese products can generally meet your needs, such as Jin Lang, TP-LINK, Tsinghua Tongfang, and tengda.
2. The purchased product must have a Chinese configuration interface, which facilitates maintenance.
3. Select a product that supports DMZ (Non-Military Zone Management) hosts. Products with this function can make multiple computers open to the Internet in one way, so as to protect the security of other computers in the LAN to a certain extent.

Iv. Hub

A hub is an important device in a LAN. The function of a hub is to allocate bandwidth and connect independent computers in the LAN to devices that can communicate with each other. It is mainly divided into 10 M, 100 M, 10/100 M, and GB devices. The number of ports (8 ports, 16 ports, 24 ports, and 32 ports) on your computer determines the number of hubs ), consider the speed (10 M, 100 M, 10/100 M, 1000 M) from the data stream ). You can select a 10 m hub for an internet cafe. For example, the price of a 16-port 10 m hub is about 200 yuan. (For example)

16-port hub of jinlang

Section 4 network installation and debugging

After the computer accessories are purchased and installed, you should install and debug the network.

As you know, small-sized LAN often uses bus-type topology and star-type topology. We generally recommend that Internet cafe users use a star-type structure for connection. A star network has a unique forwarding node (central node). Each computer connects to the central node through a separate communication line. The information transmission mode and access protocol are very simple. Star-structured small LAN workstations and servers often use RJ-45 interface Nic, hub as the central node, with twisted pair wires to connect the hub and workstation and server. Because the failure of a single connection point in the network can be conveniently provided by the central node, and the failure of a single connection point in the network will only affect one device, but will not affect the whole network. It is easy to detect and isolate faults and facilitate maintenance.

I. network cable production

When purchasing a network cable, you can ask the merchant to do it for you according to your network requirements. Learning to build a self-made network connection line is a required course for Internet cafe operators.

To make a network cable, crimping clamp (used to make a network cable, about 40-50 yuan) and a dedicated Tester (the cable tester is a relatively cheap dedicated network tester for checking the network cable, the price is around 20-50 yuan) you can purchase it as a required device.

The twisted pair has two international standards: EIA/TIA568A and EIA/TIA568B. In fact, there is no essential difference between the standard method EIA/TIA568A and EIA/TIA568B, except for the color difference. The four wires 4/5 and 7/8 in twisted pair wires are not defined. Usually, we will use two common connection methods of twisted pair wires: straight-through cables and cross cables. (For example)

Production of twisted pair wires

1. Express and cross Cables

● Direct cable:
Both ends of the crystal head follow the 568A or 568B standard, each group of twisted pair wires have a one-to-one relationship, and the color is the same in the corresponding slot of the two crystal heads. This is the straight line. Straight-through cables are applicable:
UPLINK port of the hub -- common port of the hub
General port of the hub-nic

● Crossover cable: (table below)

One end of the crystal head follows the 568A standard while the other end follows the 568B standard. That is, the two crystal heads are connected to each other. 1 and 2 of A crystal head correspond to 3 and 6 of B crystal heads, and 3 and 6 of A crystal head correspond to 1 and 2 of B crystal heads. Cross cables are applicable:
Common port of a hub -- common port of a hub

2. Create a network cable

The head of both ends of the twisted pair wires are connected to the nic and hub through the RJ-45 connector. to suppress the crystal head on the twisted pair wires, use a special crimping tool to make the following steps, then stretch the end of the twisted pair wire into the wire stripping knife port, so that the wire head touches the front baffle plate, and then moderately tighten the clamp while slowly rotating the twisted pair wire (grip the clamp cannot be too powerful, otherwise, the core wire may be cut off with a length of about 15mm. It should not be too long or too short .), Enable the cutting edge to cut the protection rubber of twisted pair wires. Remove the terminal head and dial it to protect the rubber skin. (For example)

Crimping clamp

Twisted Pair wires are twisted by eight colored wires and arranged in parallel to 568A or 568B standard cables. After finishing the cables, use a cutting edge to trim the front end. Then one hand pinch to the crystal head, the crystal head has shrapnel side down, the other hand pinch the twisted pair wire, a little force to arrange the line parallel inserted into the cable trough in the crystal head, the top of the eight wires should be inserted into the top of the cable trough. After confirming that all the wires are in place, place the crystal head in the clamp slot of the wire clamp, and press the clamp to tighten the wire head. Repeat the above method to make the other end of the twisted pair.

3. Simple Test

In general, there will be no problems in the production according to standards and specifications. However, for a computer with a large number of LAN, it is best to use a wire tester to check before use, because the open circuit will lead to communication failure, and short circuit may damage the NIC or hub.

In addition, if the network cannot be connected, you can use the Ping command to check the network connection status (the Ping command is the most practical and commonly used tool in network testing, any computer that uses the TCP/IP protocol can use the Ping command to test the computer network connection ). To use the Ping command, enter the command directly in MS-DOS or simply in the Start-& gt run bar and press enter to open it. The format of the Ping command is "Ping Destination Address [parameter]", for example, Ping Data should be returned after Ping. Otherwise, the network is disconnected. (For example)

Ii. Basic Network Settings

Insert the crystal head at both ends of the twisted pair into the RJ-45 interface of the nic and the hub to connect the network. Connect the network of the hub and network card with twisted pair wires, and power on the host and the hub. If you see green light on the hub and network card, the red light will flash continuously, it indicates that both the nic and the network work normally.

In addition, to make the local area network work normally, you also need to make some basic settings for each of your computers (take Windows 98 as an example ).

1. Install the network protocol

Generally, LAN communication requires "MICROSOFT Network Customer (or MICROSOFT friendly login), TCP/IP protocol, MICROSOFT network file and printer sharing. To install these three types, open "my computer"> "Control Panel"> "network ". Then, select the "add" button -- double-click the mouse to open "customer", select "MICROSOFT Network Customer" in "MICROSOFT", and click "OK" to add the protocol, select the "add" button, double-click the "protocol", select "MICROSOFT", select "TCP/IP", and then exit, select "file sharing for MICROSOFT Network" in the "service" column ". After selecting the "OK" button, the system will prompt you to point out the path of the Windows installation disk. After copying the file, restart the computer to complete the installation of these files. At this time, you can see that there will be an additional "Network Neighbor" icon on your desktop. (For example)

2. Identify the computer on the network

How can we identify every computer in the same lan? You need to mark this computer. Right-click "Network neighbors" on the desktop you just created, and select "properties". In the displayed "network" dialog box, select the "ID" option, you can see that there are three dialog boxes below, where --()

● "Workgroup" input box-used to identify the workgroup where your computer is located. For example, if you have several computers to form a LAN and want these computers to share data with each other, they should be in the same working group, therefore, the "Working Group" name in the same local area network should be the same name, for example, the default "WORKGROUP" in Windows (recommended ).

● The "computer name" text box-"computer name" text box is used to enter the name of the computer you gave you to distinguish from other computers on the network. It must be noted that the computer name must be unique and there cannot be a computer with the same name in the network. Therefore, we recommend that you take your "computer name" as a name that is easy to remember and not easy to repeat. In this example, we name this computer "A1 ".

● "Computer description" input box-do not enter it.
Finally, click "OK" and restart the computer. Then you can turn on "Network Neighbor" and you will see the name of the local computer and other computers connected to the network. Then you can play games online.

3. Sharing settings

After connecting to the network, you can also share hard disks, optical/soft drives, printers, and scanners. Next, let's take a simple look at how to share memory resources. (For example)

Open "my computer" and set the drive letter or folder option you want to share by selecting the drive letter or folder and right-clicking the folder, select "share" in "attribute", select the required "read-only" or "full" shared power, and then "OK" to complete the process. Now you can double-click the computer icon of another user in the "Network Neighbor" window to see and "enjoy" the shared resources provided by the machine (such as songs and game resources on the other computer ).

4. Set the TCP/IP protocol

IP addresses are usually required to play games online or share the internet. How can I set an IP address?

● Windows 98

After installing the LAN, we also need to set the TCP/IP protocol for each machine Nic in the LAN, we generally recommend that you set it as follows (unless specified by the ISP or manufacturer ):

1) host settings. First set the host, and then click "start-& gt settings-& gt control panel-& gt network ". If the local network adapter is 8139, we will find the network adapter's TCP/IP protocol "TCP/IP-& gt REALTEK RT8139 pci ethernet nic" and double-click it to open its "properties ". Set "specified IP Address" to and subnet mask to Select the "DNS configuration" item, tick it before "Enable DNS", and select a name from the host item, in the "DNS server search order" column, set it to the address of the local ISP Server, for example, "" (local ISP). "add" and "OK. After "OK", restart the computer and set the host. (For example)

2) Client settings. Other computers need to connect to a local area network with Internet shared access. That is to say, how do I set up Internet shared hosts on a local computer (or a "client?

Step 1: Right-click "Network Neighbor", select "properties", find the TCP/IP protocol (network card) in the "network" dialog box that appears, and double-click its "properties ". Select the "DNS configuration" item, tick it before "Enable DNS", and select a name from the host item, in the "DNS server search order" column, set it to the address of the local ISP Server, for example, "" (local ISP). "add" and "OK.

Step 2, select "specify IP Address" in "ip address", and set the IP address of the Local Machine to an address ranging from 1 to 255, for example, or ...... In short, the ending number must be different from that of hosts on the LAN and other computers. The subnet mask is (For example)

Step 3: Select "Gateway", fill in the Host IP address in the "new Gateway" column, that is,, and then select "add". Then, restart your computer.

● In Windows2000 or XP

Right-click "Network neighbors" and select "properties" to go to the "Network and dial-up connections" window, double-click the "local connection" icon (this icon automatically appears after the network card is installed and set), select "properties", and enter the "Local Connection Properties" window, you can see the selected network adapter and the available protocol when connecting. Select "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and click "properties, in the "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) properties" window, select "Use the following IP Address" and enter the IP address and the corresponding subnet mask. We recommend that you use a class c ip address, such as, select the default Subnet Mask (, but note that the IP addresses of each computer must be different within the lan you are connected. After entering the IP address and subnet mask, click OK to complete the IP address settings. If you select "display icon in the taskbar after connection" in the "Local Connection Properties" window, the connection icon appears on the taskbar during LAN connection, in addition, this icon changes color when sending/receiving data.

3. Internet sharing

Internet cafes generally use shared Internet software and broadband routers to share Internet access.

1. Use a Broadband Router

With Broadband Router shared Internet settings is simple, we take TL-R400 + Broadband Router as an example to introduce.

For example, many Internet cafes use ADSL fixed IP addresses to access the Internet. You can first open Basic Setting to enter the Basic configuration interface and select Primary Setup. You will see the default factory settings on the WAN Type line, select "change ......", You will see the available Wan type, select Static IP Address, that is, Static IP Address, click "Save" to enter the specific settings of Static IP Address. The lan ip Address is displayed at the top of the settings page, that is, the IP Address of the TL-R400 + current LAN, which does not need to be changed, in the following wan ip Address, WAN Subnet Mask, WAN Gateway, Primary DNS, and Secondary DNS, add the IP address of the WAN provided by the ISP, The subnet mask of the WAN, the WAN gateway, and the IP address of the local primary DNS server.

Select "Save", and then you will see a "Reboot" button. Click this button to restart the router. After the vrostatus is restarted, the current vro Status is displayed. You can check whether a connection has been established. If no error message is displayed, then your computer will be able to access the Internet normally. In order to allow computers in your LAN to access the Internet, you can use a fixed IP address or automatically obtain an IP address to set up. Small broadband routers are generally integrated with DHCP servers, this server is also enabled by default. It can automatically assign IP addresses to machines in your LAN, and you can access the Internet without any configuration.

2. Use Internet sharing software

Shared Internet server software, which is currently commonly used mainly include ICS, SyGate, WINGATE, and Agent Hunter. We generally recommend that you use ICS built in Windows to share the Internet (which supports MODEM, ISDN, ADSL, cable modem, and other Internet access methods ), for example, the "Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)" built in PWIN98 version 2 and above can be used to configure the home computer network and share the connection to the Internet. The operation steps are as follows:

Use computers connected to the Internet as hosts and other computers as slave computers to share the internet. "Internet Connection Sharing" only needs to be installed on the host, for example:

Step 1: Install the corresponding adsl modem (or cable modem) and NIC Driver, ensure that the MODEM and Internet connection are normal, and set the network.

Step 2: Go to "Control Panel"> "Add/delete programs"> "Windows Installer"> "Internet tools", and double-click it, select "Internet Connection Sharing" and click "OK". The system will install and configure the program for you. (For example)

Step 3: After "Internet Connection Sharing" is installed, the system will go to the "Internet Connection Sharing wizard" and select "Next ", select the "dial-up adapter" when selecting the "use when connecting to the Internet" network adapter (for example, if it is ADSL, select "Efficient networks p. p. p. o. e. adapter). After "Next", select the NIC name of the local machine, for example, "REALTEK RT8139 pci ethernet nic", when "use when connecting to my home network ", when you configure a disk, you can select "cancel". After "Next", the Internet Connection Sharing configuration is completed. Then press the prompt to restart the computer to share the host online.

In addition, you can enable IE "attributes" and select "share" in "connection" to set or change the sharing settings, in "select the connection used to access the Internet", it should be "Efficient networks p. p. p. o. e. adapter, and "REALTEK RT8139 pci ethernet nic" for "when connecting to my home network" or other network Adapter you need to connect.

Section 5 Routine Management and maintenance of Internet cafes

Like other businesses, opening an internet cafe is also a hard task. It is not as many people see it, it seems that you can earn money by keeping your computer secure-for a long period of business, you need to stop yourself and eat when your business is busy. in the off-season of your business, you need to be forced to do what you forget, and routine management and maintenance of computers ...... And so on. Therefore, we recommend that you think about the hard work and hard work before starting an Internet cafe, so that you can have more ideological preparations to face difficulties in future business operations.

I. Routine Management of Internet cafes

Although the daily management of small-sized Internet cafes is not as complicated as that of large Internet cafes, there are many clues.

First, "Toilets" and other facilities are essential in the business premises. Second, patient online tutoring for new users is also essential, so that you can cultivate a group of old customers for yourself. Third, hard disk space is getting bigger and bigger, so it is important that you install as many software and games as possible to make everyone enjoy the fun. For example, you can use a large hard drive partition to install many CD programs to reduce the impact on the network speed when users watch movies online. Fourth, some security protection is also necessary, such as installing real-time anti-virus software and firewall software on the server. Fifth, we can flexibly launch some low-cost package weekly/monthly user groups. In the morning, when there are few people, we can reduce Internet access fees. Finally, we must abide by local policies. Because of the different cities, they have different requirements for Internet cafes. Some areas are very strict and some areas do not have special requirements, however, it is necessary to apply for a legal industrial and commercial license in the local area and accept the daily management of cultural and public security departments.

Ii. Maintenance of Common Faults

In fact, some LAN faults that often occur in Internet cafes can be quickly solved by themselves after learning about their troubleshooting ideas, and do not need to seek experts or other after-sales services.

● The error that the RTL8139.SYS file cannot be found occurs when the NIC with 8139D chip is installed in WIN98. What should I do?

A: When the 8139D Nic is installed, you should not select the "specified location" for the driver when specifying the driver search path, and enter A in the text box next to it: /WIN98 path (or click "Browse" to find this path), insert the drive floppy disk with the NIC into the floppy disk, and click "OK" to complete the installation.

● Why Can someone else's machine be seen in the network neighbor after the network adapter is installed and the IP address is configured, but cannot read data from someone else's computer?

A: First, check whether resource sharing has been set. Select "Network> Configuration> file and print sharing". check and confirm all the two options, after the installation is successful, the "file sharing with Printer" option appears in "configuration. Next, check whether all the network protocols installed are bound with "file sharing with printer on Microsoft Network", and select the protocol in "configuration", such as "TCP/IP protocol ", click the "properties" button to make sure that "files on Microsoft Network are shared with printers" and "Microsoft network users" in the binding have been checked.

● The IP address detected by the system and the hardware address 00: D0: 59 ...... Conflict "is a warning window. How is this happening? (For example)

A: This is because a computer logging on to the LAN uses the same IP address as the computer you are using (especially as the number of computers in the LAN increases, if you do not plan properly, IP address conflicts will also increase.) You can enable the "Network Neighbor" attribute, you can change the IP address in the "TCP/IP" of the NIC of your computer and the computer that conflicts with each other (we recommend that you change the new computer ). In addition, when the computer encounters an error "the computer detects that the IP address conflicts with the physical address of your nic" during usage, you cannot use the network. At this point, you can use the following methods to solve the problem: first, if you are using the WIN98 operating system, you can click "start"> "run" in the lower left corner, and type: winipcfg, click "OK". In the displayed window, click "release all" and then click "update all" to solve the problem. If the system prompts that the update fails, you have to restart the computer. If you are using a WIN2000 or XP operating system, click Start> run in the lower left corner, Type ipconfig/release, and click OK ", click Start> Run, Type ipconfig/renew, and click OK to solve the problem.

● Why can only the machine name of the local machine be found in "Network Neighbor" or "Resource Manager?

A: It is generally because the network cable is disconnected or the connection with the network card is poor, or the Hub may be faulty. The basic principle for solving the problem is to first harden the software, first consider the software, for Windows Network, you can install the TCP/IP protocol, specify the IP address of each computer, use the Ping command to check whether other computers can be pinged. If the Ping fails, it indicates that the network connection is faulty. If yes, but sometimes data packets are lost, it indicates that network transmission is blocked, in other words, the network device is not in good contact with each other. You need to check or change the network device or network cable.

● My computer encountered a fault where other networked computers could not be found in the "Network neighbors" list. How can this problem be solved?

A: The main reason may be that the NIC driver is not working properly. Check the NIC Driver and reinstall the driver if necessary. In addition, "Network neighbors" display computers by working groups. If your computer belongs to different working groups, you may not see the expected computers when you open "Network neighbors. Click Start, point to settings, click Control Panel, double-click Network, and then click the identification tab. The names in the "Working Group" boxes of all computers in your LAN should be the same. If there are differences, enter the same working group name in this box and click "OK" to restart your computer. In addition, if the "network" icon does not appear in "Network neighbors", it may be that the necessary network components are not installed in Windows. To connect to other computers on the network, you must install the following components: Microsoft Network Customer Network Adapter at least one network protocol (such as IPX/SPX, TCP/IP, etc ). Click Start, point to settings, click control panel, and then double-click Network to check the list on the configuration tab, make sure that you have installed necessary network components. If you have any, reinstall the missing components.

● Two computers in the LAN, machine A uses Win98 and machine B uses Win2000 (or XP). Machine B can access resources shared by machine A, but machine A cannot access resources shared by machine B, what's going on?

A: For a fault that only supports one-way access, you must first check whether the identity is confirmed during logon. Windows 98 allows you to press the "cancel" button or press the "ESC" key on the keyboard to skip the user logon dialog box. However, you cannot see "Network neighbors". If you want to access the network, you must log on as a user. Therefore, only Windows 98 users with the required permission can connect to Windows 2000 computers. If you still cannot access the resources of server B after logging on to server A in the normal mode, check the user permission settings of server B. Windows 2000 is a real multi-user operating system. to access resources in Windows 2000 over the network, you must have the username and password provided by Windows 2000. Although Guest in Windows 2000 is an account dedicated to guests, it is disabled by default, so you need to enable the Guest account. Method: Enable the Guest account in Windows 2000, right-click the "my computer" icon on the desktop, and select the "manage" command in the pop-up menu, in the computer management window, open the "user" list in "local users and groups", and find the "Guest" account in the right of the window. Double-click the Guest account and remove the check mark before "the account has been disabled.

Although many previous articles have introduced the knowledge of establishing these local area networks, we hope that after reading this article, can have a comprehensive understanding of the formation of Internet cafes and learn the basic knowledge of the formation and daily maintenance of some Internet cafes. Finally, we wish you a good way to create your own internet cafe before the annual peak season of Internet cafe operation during the winter vacation and Spring Festival, rich financial resources!

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