Full screen game keep the horizontal ratio method (Nvidia graphics card/N card)

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Widescreen displays are popular as a result of cutting more provincial materials, and the widescreen desktop gives us a better sense of Windows usage. But the problem is that Full-screen games, especially the earlier Full-screen games, will be stretched and the screen will be disgusting.

What do we do? There is no software to solve this problem, although the display with the adjustment function, but every time to play the game will change, play well again change back, how annoying ah.

In fact, our graphics card with this setting ah, but we often ignore this function.

I only nvidia graphics card, is not a good card, is GT220 this broken thing. Drive is the latest 275.33

Set the method as follows: Give a picture very clear

Nvidia Control Panel, according to my writing this method to set, is to choose the horizontal longitudinal ratio, the following select the GPU (do not choose to show oh, or most of the game can not maintain the horizontal longitudinal ratio)

This simple operation, after playing the game can take the black side.

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