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I have 17 years of experience in technology, sales, and consulting before joining Wanda E-commerce. I have worked in private enterprises, state-owned enterprises, and foreign companies. Compared with previous experiences, Wanda e-commerce has many things worth mentioning.

Opportunities provided by the big age -- reveal the secrets of Wanda e-commerce (1)

Unexpected choices

In October May 2013, I was not very interested in Wanda e-commerce, a job opportunity for headhunting recommendation. You know the reason ...... After several rounds of communication, I ended 2014 of my consulting projects in early 2 million.

So far many of my friends have questioned, "I heard this company is messy! Personnel are unstable and the direction is unclear! You are brave ......"

Objectively speaking, the salaries provided by Wanda e-commerce companies are at a high level in the market, which is very attractive. Of course, this is a relatively large amount of work pressure and strict assessment (organic talks ), it seems that this job is suitable for experienced and stress-resistant people.

Well, let's get down to the point. Let me first talk about why I finally chose it here.

Don't miss this.

When I attended the industry's strategic salon, an expert said, "If we were living in this group before 100, it would be a waste ......" I agree with this opinion. A hundred years ago, our lives were not worth the money, our social conditions were extremely unstable, and it was difficult to feel at ease. This was the so-called "better situation than people ". Today, China has ushered in the most stable development situation since 1840, and people with ideas and abilities will find opportunities to display. In Feng Xiaogang's words, it is "all capable of drifting on the water ". In this era, no talent will ever face it.

It is our luck to hit the right age. However, only by selecting the right industry can we make good luck truly "practical ".

Opportunities provided by the big age

If someone has studied all fields in China and wants to see which one is more promising, the answer is "E-Commerce transformation of traditional enterprises ". Traditional Enterprises have attempted to adapt to the requirements of the internet as early as the end of the last century. There are few success stories in the current era.

In the spring of 2014, many enterprises in the traditional industry suffered from Internet anxiety disorder-the elders in the traditional industry, such as Haier and Vanke, entered the Internet industry to learn from the classics. The Internet has become a kind of thinking, a tool, and a panacea.

Logically, we should select an Internet industry.

However, "the combination of the Internet and traditional industries" may be the true future opportunity.

In the past, commerce was clearly divided into "non-Internet" and "Internet" camps until the o2o concept emerged-the opportunity for the combination of the two is being broken down, A brand new market with hundreds of billions of dollars is being created.

This undoubtedly requires a large number of talents, especially experienced talents.

"Our Opportunity is coming! We see the storm! Should seize the opportunity !"

Starting from real estate, the internal management process strictly controls Wanda. How can we turn to Internet thinking? How are the senior executives of Wanda Group ready to face the new age of E-commerce?

Selecting the right company is half of the dream-revealing the secrets of Wanda e-commerce (2)

The world's largest o2o Test

There are several relatively large traditional enterprises planning to do the Internet. They once contacted me through the headhunting transformation, and I chose to stay in the consulting company under the trade-off. Consultation can be conducted in different industries. Each project has different gains and a broader vision. The disadvantage is that you need to stay away from your family on a long-term business trip. Not attractive enough. I will not consider changing jobs if I have been new for years.

After learning about Wanda e-commerce, I feel different this time. As the world's largest real estate company, transformation is a demand and an inevitable choice. The transformation of the big bully cannot learn from the same type of enterprises (smaller than itself), so every attempt requires constant innovation. In a word, "This is an opportunity to become impossible ".

Therefore, every step of Wanda e-commerce is a concern of the world. Every innovation of Wanda e-commerce may be an advance in o2o theory and practice.

Not everyone can catch up with the Internet transformation experiment of China's largest commercial entity. This is an opportunity and a great challenge for me who have more than a decade of experience. "Providing services to the industry first is the most difficult, and there is no benchmark for research and reference"

There are three factors that make me decide to come to work:

First, realize the sense of accomplishment brought by value

When I graduated from MBA, I thought I could do anything. I could change the world and start to fight against the internet. After 35 years, I found that it would be nice not to be changed by the world. Then I talked about what the "changing the world" is "two" or "very two. Wanda e-commerce gave me the opportunity to rekindle the fire of hope-to make things on this platform, and to some extent, I am trying my best to change the world and make it a better place.

Before joining the company, I talked to my wife once to get her support. The conclusion is that "success on this platform will bring a greater sense of satisfaction. Meeting the challenge at least proves that I am not too old ."

One day, I may be proud to say to my later generation, "Grandpa once worked in the world's largest o2o company !"

Secondly, we are optimistic about the existing Wanda platform.

Wanda was a real estate company. After that, Wanda Plaza, cinema, hotels, great stars, and gamers, as well as a large number of tourism and real estate products cover many fields in the commercial world, transforming e-commerce in all business formats means providing many rare practical opportunities to employees.

If I didn't join Wanda, I wanted to start my own internet business with years of experience-consulting and training for traditional enterprises in Internet transformation. Some friends started their own business in this direction. Due to resource limitations, human resources, and other factors, the results were unsatisfactory. The reason was probably that the entrepreneurial platform was too small and the resources were insufficient. Half a year later, I felt that Wanda e-commerce provided a large entrepreneurial platform with sufficient funds-a systematic attempt based on my own ideas.

The main difference from your own business is that "there is a systematic process here to effectively control risks ". Recently, the establishment of Tencent million has brought pure Internet genes to Wanda e-commerce and increased the guarantee for success.

Finally, optimistic about a clear development strategy

Any job-hopping operation is risky, especially in high-paying vocational colleges. For a better development platform and talent, the above foundations are "Top support ".

According to the speeches made by Wang Jianlin, the chairman of Wanda, the investment in e-commerce is growing, not the opposite. This is very valuable for the current Wanda e-commerce companies. For other companies, the company has adopted the contraction strategy and began to lay off employees. However, the company is still increasing recruitment efforts and hopes to invite talents to join the company. This is a clear explanation of the problem.

The media also reported Wanda's strategy, such as e-commerce in the entire group and E-Commerce thinking in all executives. The decision of the Big Boss is explained more directly. Personally, I am very optimistic about the e-commerce transformation with high-level support. Based on experience, group executives are hesitant to make the transformation of E-commerce difficult to carry out, which has not been seen in Wanda e-commerce.

In contrast, Wanda Group is focusing on e-commerce. In a speech, Wang Jianlin, the Chairman of the Group, also mentioned that "E-commerce is not a requirement but a command ."

Some people have said that "choosing the right company is half of your dream" is correct!

Reasonable salary strategy-reveal the secrets of Wanda e-commerce (3)

As mentioned earlier, success on the Wanda e-commerce platform will inevitably lead to a different sense of satisfaction. Of course, the real benefits are also an important reason for me to consider this opportunity. No one is living in a vacuum, especially with a home or business. This talk is about the pay-as-you-go method of Wanda e-commerce.

Past-recognition of experiences

Wanda is good at using the headhunting channel to ensure the confidentiality of candidates and effectively verify the authenticity of candidates.

After I agree to consider the opportunity and pass the first round of interviews, the headhunting personnel will request relevant background information to confirm my past achievements by phone and in writing, including income. My promise is that the company will set a basic salary based on my previous work experience, and will not be able to get discounts for this part due to good opportunities.

You need to know that the logic of some companies is that "the company provides good opportunities and the future, and now you should pay less". Fortunately, this is not the case for Wanda e-commerce. If you do well in your work, the company will also consider the promotion and salary increase as appropriate.

Now -- incorporate into existing systems

After N rounds of interviews, I discussed salary with HR substantially. I did not know before that Wanda offered a 16-month salary, and the last four months were year-end awards, which were issued at the end of the year based on performance. I was told about this policy before the salary negotiation.

My calculation formula is: original monthly income × 12/16 = expected salary, which means I can accept the situation where my monthly salary is lower than the previous one. But the formula HR told me: the original monthly income × 16 = the actual salary. I still took four more months for my new job without increasing my salary.

The salary negotiation result is that the monthly salary is slightly higher than my previous salary.

I am very satisfied with not only the salary, but also the corporate culture embodied in "no fraud". corporate culture is the foundation of enterprise success. In today's Chinese business society, this is very rare.

Future -- Option Incentive Plan

We recently learned that core executives and key employees will be included in the Option Program of Wanda e-commerce. This is unprecedented in the history of Wanda Group, and this shows many problems. Let's take a look at the number of millionaires created when Alibaba went public, so we can only talk about it here, you know!

My life is like a gap. Looking back, I'm glad I made the right decision. Although Wanda e-commerce has encountered many difficulties that have never been imagined before, it is more about positive things-gradually clarifying the strategy, gradually e-commerce the business line, and integrating colleagues of different backgrounds, the bright future is beckoning to everyone.

Entering the company is just the beginning. Companies with higher salaries are not suitable for themselves and can only increase the burden on both sides. I'm glad to have adapted to the team and corporate culture.

Open Platform and upward culture-reveal the secrets of Wanda e-commerce (4)

There are no good companies in the sunrise industry, and good companies in the sunset industry. Working in another good company in the sunrise industry is undoubtedly a blessing in life-entering Wanda e-commerce is such a choice.

A friend once worked in Wanda. Before I joined the company, I went to inquire about the answer: "There is a lot of pressure. Please think carefully ......" As a result, in the months when I joined the Wanda e-commerce company, I did not mention it to anyone except my family. I had two main considerations: one was a low-profile person, and the other was immediately removed if the pressure was too high.

After entering the company for more than half a year, I summarized the four reasons for my stay: Open Platform, upward culture, awesome colleagues, and thoughtful welfare.

Open Platform

When talking about the openness of Wanda e-commerce, we are actually talking about two things: the opening of business and the opening of candidates.

First, it is open to the business. Wanda has e-commerce in various formats, covering almost all o2o fields. Innovation practices based on the transformation of traditional enterprises are carried out on the open platform of Wanda e-commerce on a daily basis. Different attempts in different directions and types are ongoing, thus providing a broad stage for everyone who wants to show their talents.

Second, openness to people. In terms of employing people, Wanda e-commerce welcomes three people: people with an internet background, a traditional enterprise background, or people with Traditional Enterprises Transforming into the Internet.

If you have an Internet background, you can make an open perspective on o2o practices. If you know more about traditional enterprises, you can share your thoughts on traditional business models, colleagues with specific transformation experience can share experiences of success and failure.

On an open platform, talented and ambitious people can find their own positions and have the opportunity to realize their own different values.

Upward Culture

In simple terms, corporate culture is "there are regulations to be followed by regulations, and there are no rules to be followed by everyone". For example, some companies do not meet on time, and some companies are not late for meetings, corporate culture is often different here. Culture is right or wrong, depending on whether it matches with the enterprise development stage. Emerging companies should be more inclined to reduce restrictions, and they should be more focused on stricter control.

Enterprise culture is more like a person's temperament. A manager once said: "When the boss is absent, you can go around the company to see if the company has any hope ." The review logic behind the review is that the internal culture of the enterprise reflects the daily work status of employees.

If you are free to walk around in the Wanda e-commerce office area, we will feel a strong vigor. It originated from a young team with an average age of less than 30 years. It originated from the recognition of o2o attempts and the excitement of facing challenges.

The environment can directly affect everyone's working status. When people around us are busy with their work every day and know that their contributions are contributing to the development of their careers, they will undoubtedly be full of strength. In this way, Wanda e-commerce has gradually formed a positive atmosphere.

In Wanda e-commerce, the starting point for solving problems is "how to do a good job". It is to think about "how to improve efficiency in the future to avoid problems ." Over time, people will come up with their own ideas when faced with difficulties, rather than shouting "it's too difficult! !"

The upward corporate culture changes "impossible" into "yes", and "OK" into "no problem ".

In addition to an open platform and an upward culture, Wanda e-commerce's awesome colleagues and the company's thoughtful welfare policies are also very attractive.

Awesome colleagues and considerate benefits-reveal the secrets of Wanda e-commerce (5)

In addition to platforms and cultural advantages, I have a group of excellent colleagues around Wanda e-commerce, and the company benefits are also great.

Awesome colleagues

I am not willing to communicate with colleagues who don't have to worry about it. A consulting project is a matter of hard work. A consultant who is unwilling to brainstorm can only be eliminated directly, because the customer and project manager have no time to reverse their ideas.

People who can pass the interview to the company have almost the same IQ. Whether or not they do things well depends largely on their attitude towards doing things. I met a group of very powerful colleagues in Wanda e-commerce. To sum up, there are three points:

1. High Professional Quality

Extensive search and multiple rounds of strict interviews ensure the quality of Wanda e-commerce personnel. The ability to enter the company shows that there are both industry experience and good professional quality. The basic employment philosophy of Wanda e-commerce is "professional people do professional things". Colleagues in each department and business line are the top figures in the industry. Another concept of employing people is to "be willing to share" and have the opportunity to enter Wanda e-commerce, we will soon find that experienced and competent colleagues in the company are willing to share their knowledge and skills with others, and everyone can quickly improve themselves through communication, such work can bring a pleasant experience.

2. Powerful Working Ability

To put it bluntly, we can do things well. Because o2o has no success stories in China or even the world, almost every problem is new. It is necessary for employees to conduct effective analysis based on their previous industry experience and come up with solutions to try out. Sometimes they even need several solutions, solution a to solution n ...... It is difficult for people who are familiar with the Rules to do the above work well.

I have observed that most of my colleagues in Wanda e-commerce can solve new problems well, but I learned it only after an inquiry-they have completed at least one "impossible task" in their previous work experience ", the powerful problem-solving capability is the guarantee for them to complete their work.

3. Positive energy work attitude

Generally, people with rich work experience have a problem, that is, "Don't bend down"-the previous achievements have become a burden on themselves, you can't or don't want to engage in basic work any more. On the surface, you seem to be at your own risk. The metaphor behind it is that you may feel that you are too old to try new things.

There are very few such people in Wanda e-commerce, and they will not be able to pass the interview at the first time, and they will not be able to wait for the interview at the second time-there will often be jobs you have never touched on, the task does not seem to have a solution to complete.

My colleagues I have seen are full of positive energy. If you encounter problems, you can find a solution without any further efforts. During the preparations for the Shenzhen strategic signing ceremony, many colleagues work every day until two o'clock in the morning. After completing the tasks they are responsible for, they make up positions for each other. This seems simple, but it is not easy to do. Although there is a problem that new teams need to work together, everyone in the team can feel that they are a "reliable" team member, very good!

Maybe the road ahead is unknown. If you have a team, you have confidence!

Considerate benefits

According to Husky's two-factor theory, employee welfare is a health care factor, and even better, it can only reduce the degree of dissatisfaction of employees to "not satisfied. Wanda has turned the Health Care Factor into an incentive factor, and employee benefits can satisfy everyone. Take the canteen as an example. Our farm, cooking masters, and waiters have exclusive ethnic minority restaurants, which are not repeated every Friday. Nutrition matching science also includes publishing menus of public accounts and sharing nutrition knowledge, it is said that a project team has kept a lot of employees for good meals.

The above is only one of them!

Incomplete list:

· Free movie tickets

· Free fitness

· Free borrowing

· Heating fee reimbursement

· Annual Health Check

· Preferential parking

· Football, basketball, badminton, and other societies

Fitness has become a habit of everyone.

If you have the opportunity to come to Wanda e-commerce, you will see a group of people who work hard and love life.

When selecting a career, starting a company is a black hole for candidates. There is always something you don't know about. Because of the correctness of your career choices, it is often revealed over time. Fortunately, I have no choice.

No matter how long the past and in the future, let's look back and think about the days spent in Wanda E-commerce. I believe that everyone in it will have a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Enough for a job! What do you mean?

Team status quo and employment standards-revealing Wanda e-commerce (6)

If you want to enter any company, understanding the current situation of the team and employing standards in advance will help us make correct judgments.

Team status quo

After entering the workplace for 17 years, I have seen many enterprises of all kinds. Wanda e-commerce is the most concentrated place where I have seen talents. It is not too much to say that "masters are like clouds.

There has always been a saying on the Internet that "the Wanda e-commerce team is unstable". With my limited observation, there is indeed a change of personnel. They are both excellent colleagues.

In general, there are three main types of people leaving: one is to start their own business after accumulating experience on the Wanda platform and broaden their horizons; the other is to go to industry companies for higher positions to get higher salaries after the gold plating of Wanda; third, those who are under too much pressure and do not adapt to the active or passive exit of culture.

The first two types of experience in Wanda e-commerce makes it possible for you to have a better future-Adding Luster to your professional experience, the departure of the third type should be said to be beneficial to both sides-it is a matter of pain and let it end quickly.

At present, it seems that the team is gradually becoming stable. No matter what happened, many of the first talents attracted by strong financial resources have remained in the company. During this period, excellent talents have continuously joined the company, and the business has gradually become clear. The team cohesion has also been formed.

It is particularly worth mentioning that, in the context of business growth, Wanda Electric's commercial users have a strong demand.

Employment Standards

When talking about the standards of employment, we should first look at the current people in the company. They are recruited according to the company's standards, matching the company's culture, so they will stay. Most of my colleagues have the following qualities:

Having at least five years of work experience or great achievements in this field, you can't make any difference;

Strong adaptability, considerable ability to withstand pressure and flexibility, so it is not necessary to do business for a long adaptation period;

Optimistic, honest, and kind, willing to share experiences and lessons, and constantly improve teaching.

The vast majority of e-businesses in Wanda comply with the above standards, so they are more efficient and do not need to pay more communication costs at ordinary times.

Working with excellent people is definitely a pleasure, and we can continue to find examples of learning and going beyond.

E-commerce recruitment-reveal the secrets of Wanda e-commerce (7)

Next, let's talk about Wanda e-commerce recruitment. If you have the opportunity to apply, you may be able to use it. People who master the correct method can usually get a relatively large benefit at the minimum cost.

Recruitment channels and interview process

In 2005, I had a short experience in the headhunting industry and consulting projects, so I knew a little about enterprise employment.

The recruitment strategy adopted by Wanda e-commerce is the effective combination of headhunting and online recruitment.

Medium-and high-end talent use headhunters. In the good tradition of using a headhunting company in Wanda, I remember that in a speech by Wang Jianlin, Chairman of the Board, he mentioned that the annual headhunting cost was tens of millions. Headhunting can ensure the quality of candidates, including industry experience and personal abilities, which will be checked for one round before recommendation. Candidates who do not feel unreliable about headhunting will not be recommended, while HR colleagues can focus more on top talents.

Basic talents are recruited through the Internet. I have observed that my colleagues in the HR department, like other large companies, process many resumes every day and search for them online. In addition, there are not a few colleagues who apply for employment in other Wanda formats.

If you think you are powerful enough, we believe that you will soon be discovered by Wanda e-commerce.

For the interview process, non-executives should take at least two rounds, and senior executives or core technical talents should take at least four rounds. There was a joke, saying that I went to apply for a job at Microsoft, and the HR phone prompted "I was full before I came, and it was estimated that it would take a long time ". The same is true for interviews with Wanda e-commerce companies. It took me one and a half days to interview.

During the interview, I recommend that you behave in a true way, so that you can make a more accurate judgment on us. Otherwise, after entering the company through a layer-by-layer interview with "installation", you will still be guilty of yourself-the high salary is not so good.


After I took the time to communicate with several colleagues, I summed up the following friendship tips with my experience.

1. Honesty is the foundation

"There are no fools in the workplace. Maybe someone is slower than you, but once you respond, most of them will not meet each other ." This is the advice that a senior professional gave me many years ago. Here, I will be the first candidate for Wanda. Wanda E-commerce is not just a fool, it is full of human essence. Being honest is the cornerstone of successfully applying for and working for a long time in Wanda e-commerce. Remember!

2. Have opinions and be able to express them

Our industry accumulation, personal competence, and level are presented by expressing opinions in the short application process. We have some opinions and can express at least the following: first, based on industry experience, we can form a unique view, we need to know that the problems we face when working in Wanda e-commerce are almost entirely new, as do veterans with rich industry experience. Those who effectively combine industry experience and problem-solving capabilities are more likely to win in reality. Secondly, people who can clearly understand are generally not too bad. expressive ability is the externalization of logical analysis ability. Finally, no matter outside the company or inside the company, any resources are obtained. A persuasive opinion and clear expression are two ways to obtain resources.

3. first understand the company's business

We recommend that you have a thorough understanding of the business of Wanda e-commerce and the positions of the relevant departments and positions. Those who asked "What is your company doing" during the interview must be eliminated immediately. If the job is recommended by a headhunter, ask the headhunter to introduce the relevant positions. if the job is to be interviewed through other channels, I suggest reading the speech of Chairman Wanda (many of them talked about e-commerce) recruitment inspiration (available on the Internet) and Company Introduction (available on Baidu) to gain a comprehensive understanding. Please firmly believe that there are always more methods than problems.

4. All Users enter the interview form

Please be prepared and enter an interview registration form for the interview with Wanda e-commerce. I asked a question a few years ago: "You are all MBA students. If you want to apply for an MBA from a company, you need to enter a registration form. Do you want to leave it blank ?" The statistical results show that nearly half of the MBA students will fill in. The answer is very good and pragmatic-when you come to the company, you will keep the company's rules. If you fill in the results, you will not lose me, let's talk about it all over again. It's not necessary to let things go wrong.

I personally think there is a metaphor behind table filling-although it is a high-end talent, you still need to bend down to do things in Wanda e-commerce. Filling in the table is just a measure of whether the system can bend over.

5. Please appear in formal attire

Spoiler Wanda employee manual. The overall requirement is neat, decent, and generous. Male wear black, dark blue, dark gray suit, light color shirt, dark leather shoes, tie; female wear black, dark blue, dark gray suit (or skirt), shirt, dark leather shoes.


If you want to fulfill your aspirations in the e-commerce field and become something that ordinary people cannot do, Wanda e-commerce is suitable! The sea shows the true colors of heroes!

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Wanda e-commerce welcomes people with strong abilities, those who can cooperate with each other and embrace changes, and those who can come together for the same thing!

If you are interested, send your resume to [email protected]. I will transfer it to my HR colleagues in the company.

[Full Version] Seven thousand characters long text secrets Wanda e-commerce

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