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At present, the most popular media format is RM. Although RM is not clear in quality, it is very small in size and only a fraction of normal media, so it is favored by everyone. But sometimes, when you watch the RM file, and every time you put it in this place, the webpage is automatically opened.

This is because the author of the RM file added it to promote his website in the RM file. If the webpage is a malicious virus, it will make you more troublesome, and the current anti-virus software cannot solve this problem. What should we do in the face of this situation?

Recently, there is a "RM malicious ad play patch" on the Internet to solve this problem. With this patch, you can easily filter the pop-up window of the playing media.

Before viewing the RM file, start RM to play malicious advertisement patches ". Select the video file to be filtered in the "source file" option, select the Save path in "Save as", and then click the "filter now" button (with a picture ), you can get the video file after removing the webpage link.

In addition, the RM malicious advertising patch can filter out files in RM format and malicious webpages loaded in RMVB format. In this way, you will no longer have to worry about a pop-up window when viewing RM (RMVB) files.

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