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New technologies abound, and the essence of the kernel changes little, like. NET, from VS2003 to VS2012, for 10 years, with the Headlines app development: The 151-1222-4001 (micro/Electric) vs version is constantly updated, and. The latest version of the net kernel is also only 4.0, so, as programmers, we have to master the kernel of things, the essence of things.

Our learning accumulation problem lies in: too much, greed, and not deep enough. For a lot of technology, we are very interested in the emerging technology, but also closely follow. However, almost all are dragonfly water, smattering. Looking back, we seem to have a little, what type of project can be done, b/s, C + +, database, distributed, and so on, but, but do not dare to say, in a certain aspect, my level has exceeded the circle of the same type of 80% of people. Just what I can do, everyone will do, and, I am not sure to do better than others.

You have to be valuable, and your own value is irreplaceable or difficult to replace. If you just find a programmer and you can replace it, your value will be low. If, in one aspect of your responsibility, only 20% of you are beyond you, your value and your importance are highlighted, and your relationship with your employer shifts from passivity to initiative, and you have bargaining chips.

In the specialization of the high division of labor today, skills does not mean that you need to master a large area, but only you can master one of the small areas, and continue to go further. In this small area, it is very likely that you spend 3 or 5 years squeezing into the top 20%. For example, someone specializes in SQL Server database optimization, someone specializes in TCP communications, someone in-depth study of IIS, someone delving into WCF, and so on.

Software Introduction

Interesting headlines, just watching the funny news.

Set fun, have material, have content in one, let users get information at the same time, also harvest a fun!

Key Features

Daily Headline News to keep you in control of the world's best things.

Fun friend God Spit groove, satin hands, new scholar sharp comments on hot headlines, bucket chart as the old driver, let you to "just" members.

Focus on original products, information compilation, health class, emotional counseling, food recommendations, cold knowledge Science, film quick Review ... A selection of content, a unique perspective, to give you a new experience to read.

A thoughtful two-side topic, point of view collision pk! Big Brain hole Your point of view, everyone praise, let netizens send you to heaven!

News headlines can also be customized! Introduce the personalized recommendation algorithm, to recommend the content of interest to you, so that every user can see their own news articles.

Watch the news, win a good gift! Daily activities to send, treasure chest, welfare and other rewards to make reading more valuable, invite friends to see together, fun and rich, interesting headlines to you more surprises
Download interesting headlines app, in each big should use the market can be downloaded, login to enter the above invitation code, you can get a dollar

Next, as long as every day to read the news can make money, testing, spend one or two hours a day to watch the news, can earn about 10 yuan, specifically to see the official introduction

Fission money-making model, everyone registered success, you can generate their own exclusive QR code, for an apprentice, every apprentice can get relevant gold coins, apprentice again an apprentice sun, also won the reward

Fun Headline system app development

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