Fundamentals of Cloud Technology: Learning Hadoop using 0 basic Linux (Ubuntu)

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Learning Linux has a lot of obstacles, versions, permissions, commands.
Different versions, the command is different, the command needs to install the package, to the novice to bring a lot of inconvenience. Here's a summary of some of the experiences you've had with Ubuntu. The following commands can be used directly.
Do you see other people using commands in desktop in Linux and can't find a place for themselves?

One, the following to provide you with four ways:

1. Very good, in the upper left corner of the menu point, out a column, in the [attachment] in the SELECT [Terminal], click on OK.
It is a quick execute icon, you can drag the icon to the desktop and then release it, and then execute it directly on the desktop. In the same vein, you can drag it into the taskbar above. You can just click on the taskbar above.

2. It is not difficult to get, but not easy to find. First hold down ALT, and then click F2, come out a run box, enter gnome-terminal inside to run.
In this run box, you can execute many commands that you want to run as Windows.

3. Put the terminal window open in the right mouse button, the effect is in the desktop or folder in the blank space right click, will appear "open from terminal" shortcut. That requires the use of a software.
The installation is simple, open the terminal, enter inside:

    1. sudo apt-get install nautilus-open-terminal
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The shortcut is then automatically added to the right-click.

4.ctrl+alt+t, shortcut key is done

Second, network restart:

After we have configured the network information, and do not want to restart Linux, how to deal with.

    1. Service Network Reastart
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I'm sorry, this command doesn't recognize

The commands for the Ubuntu Restart network are as follows

    1. sudo/etc/init.d/networking restart
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Third, switch root user:

    1. sudo su
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Iv. How to turn off the firewall

Try a lot of methods, no, some need to install the package, also can not surf the internet, how to download the installation package. The following command can be used directly
To turn off the firewall:

    1. sudo ufw disable
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Start the firewall:

    1. #sudo UFW Enable
    2. #sudo UFW Default Deny
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Linux restart:root user restart can use the following command, but ordinary users do not.

    1. Init 6
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Ordinary users use the following command

    1. sudo reboot
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Five Tests whether the host and the virtual machine are ping through

1. Set up the IP, it is recommended that you use the Linux interface, which is more convenient to set up. However, it is best to set the interfaces under/etc/network/through the terminal. Because of some Linux bugs, if you do not set this file, it is likely that the IP will be set again.

Details can be viewed to resolve the encounter with Linux network configuration, starting with familiarity with the network configuration file

    1. Iface eth0 inet Static
    2. Address
    3. Gateway
    4. Netmask
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Through the above settings. If bridged, it is easy to ping between the host and the virtual machine.
But there is a problem, that is, the host can ping the virtual machine, but the virtual machine ping different hosts.
Because win has two firewalls, for example, Two firewalls need to be shut down . Of course, if you do not ping the virtual machine, you can turn off the virtual machine firewall by using the Shut down firewall command above.

Fundamentals of Cloud Technology: Learning Hadoop using 0 basic Linux (Ubuntu)

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