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At present, the number of small and medium-sized enterprises in China has tens of millions of, but the information construction is not ideal, the site has only not more than 2 million, tens of millions of small and medium-sized enterprises exist e-commerce needs, but there is no independent web site. Now, more and more enterprises are aware of the importance of e-commerce through the establishment of web sites, and urgency, but do not understand the construction of the relevant technology, Moonlight blog on the introduction of some basic common knowledge and resources, including domain name registration, virtual host, Enterprise mailbox, build station tools, network Marketing, application hosting and so on, For SMEs, E-commerce services companies and other enterprises for reference.

  Domain Name registration:

Domestic well-known domain name registrars are the new network (China Digital Group) and million network (Alibaba).

Product prices, COM domain name registration price of 139 yuan/1 years (million net) and 128 Yuan/1 years (new network), CN domain Name registration price of 69 yuan/1 years (million net) and 100 Yuan/1 years (new network). Million Network Enterprise virtual host price 780 Yuan/1 years (150M space, ASP, PHP, 20G traffic per month, can be bound to 10 domain names), new network virtual host price of 750 yuan/1 years (300M space, ASP, PHP, the monthly 10G traffic, can be bound to 4 domain names). The two COM domain name Agent price is about 55 yuan.

The advantage of the new network and the Million network is that the operation is more formal, is a well-known domain name, virtual machine service providers, telephone services to facilitate communication, the disadvantage is the domain name and virtual host of high price, low cost, for interactive content (message board, forum, etc.) of the corporate site, the domain name exists hold policy risk. The CN domain name registered in the personal name has the risk of being recovered.

The world's largest domain registrar is GoDaddy, was founded in 1997, is the global domain name registration of the first service provider, the global market share of 18%. Support domestic Alipay to pay, when payment will be automatically converted into renminbi in accordance with the day exchange rate.

Product prices, COM domain name registration about 70 yuan/1 years, the agent price of 50 yuan/1 years, do not support the CN domain name. With independent IP of the virtual host price of 600 yuan (10GB space, php,10 MySQL database, monthly 300GB traffic, independent IP, can be bound unlimited domain name)

The advantage of GoDaddy is that the service is more stable, domain name management functional Professional and comprehensive, domain name does not exist by the hold policy risk, product cost-effective, you can use a virtual host to bind multiple users of the domain name, the disadvantage is language restrictions, telephone communication inconvenience, do not support Alipay outside the domestic payment method , some domain name services (such as domain name forwarding, shared virtual host, etc.) of IP can not be accessed from the country, the virtual host needs to purchase a separate IP address.

  Enterprise Email:

At present, the provision of e-mail services based on enterprise domain names are mainly Google, Microsoft and Tencent and other enterprises.

1, Google Apps: Free to create 200 users of the mailbox, each user has 7GB of storage space, with excellent anti-virus and spam functions, the price is relatively high. Enterprise internal synergy can bind gtalk account number.

2, Windows Live domain: Microsoft provides a domain name mailbox based on Live Hotmail, and MSN binding, can create up to 500 accounts. Enterprise internal collaboration can bind MSN account.

3, Tencent QQ mailbox: Free to use 4G space free mailbox, can be customized logo design. Up to 100 members, QQ domain name mailbox is still in the personal field to try, very small enterprises can also use. Enterprise internal synergy can bind QQ account number.

4, NetEase free Enterprise mail: As a very early to provide free mailbox NetEase also launched a personalized domain name based on the free mailbox, you can add 200 accounts, including mailing lists, each mailbox for 3G space capacity.

  Enterprise Build Station Tool:

Enterprises to build e-commerce sites, there are usually two ways, one is in Taobao, Alibaba, Youa and other Web applications, the advantage is simple and easy to build, the disadvantage is that the custom function is not strong, can not achieve some custom functions, and usually must use the site to provide the level two domain name. The other is to choose a suitable e-commerce management program, build their own platform, the advantage is that you can use their own domain name, can be customized strong, the disadvantage is that the operation is more complex, the need for a certain basis for Web site management. Here are some common Chinese open source e-business management systems based on PHP.

OsCommerce: is a set of free software development Community development and maintenance of the online store solution, free and open source, and can be applied to any business environment, can be in a short period of time to generate an E-commerce site, but there is a growing trend of decline.

Zen Cart: Completely free open source online store system, easy to install, support multi-language, multi currency, have a perfect shop system flow, can help users to build different styles of e-commerce system.

Ecshop: Completely open source of online shop procedures, in Plug-ins and two development this has a certain advantage, and Kangsheng Discuz series of better integration. Has now been Shopex acquired.

ShopEx: One of the earliest online shop software providers, full-featured, acquired the Ecshop, is currently the largest number of users of the free independent online shop management software.

Other free E-commerce products also, the domestic hishop (ASP.NET/B2C), phpb2b (business-to-business), Magento, OpenCart and so on.

If the enterprise website only needs CMS (Content management System) This part, may consider the system including Supesite, Dedecms, Kingcms, Drupal, WordPress and so on.

  Network Marketing Promotion:

There are many kinds of network marketing ways of Enterprise website, including search engine and website Alliance promotion, search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, free product marketing, social marketing (blog marketing, microblogging marketing, SNS marketing, etc.), website fixed advertisement and so on. The following is a comparison of various marketing methods:

Marketing Tools Manufacturers and Products means of sale features
e-Mail Marketing Google Group/webpower, etc. E-Mail Magazine Fast, accurate, low cost
Search Engine Optimization Google Webmaster, etc. External chain, internal chain construction, directory login Good effect and low cost
Free Strategy Marketing All kinds of download stations, hot software and so on Bundled software, download station cooperation Provide free products and promote sales
Website Alliance and Promotion Baidu Promotion, Adwords CPC, CPM, keyword advertising Access to traffic and registered users, cost medium high
Social Marketing-Blog marketing Wordpress Content Marketing Brand marketing, mainly for human resource cost
Social Marketing-Weibo marketing Sina Weibo, Twitter Post messages, support Brand marketing, crisis PR, technical support
Socialized Marketing-sns Marketing Happy NET, Renren Implantable ads The brand marketing, the effect is more difficult to evaluate
Website fixed Advertisement Web site to provide advertising services Direct Banner Ads Brand Marketing, conversion rate is usually low

Free Application Hosting platform:

Developers with the ability to deploy their own applications in a number of free "cloud" application platform, you can use the cloud platform bandwidth or CPU resources, the most common is the Google app Engine,google app Engine is a Web application built on an extensible system provided by Google. Each Google App engine application can use up to 500MB of persistent storage space and enough bandwidth and CPU to support 5 million integrated browsing per month. At present, each user can create 10 applications free of charge. Google App Engine requires developers to use Python or Java as a programming language, and can only use the APP engine engine database is not a traditional relational database, so do not use SQL to specify queries, Users can only query using SQL-like query languages called GQL. Most Web applications require some modification to run on the app engine.

The domestic Sina Network also reference Gae launched the Sina app Engine Open cloud computing platform, Sina App engine support PHP and MySQL, but database access, file operations, Web crawl, etc. need to use the API provided by Sina, can not use the original PHP function, Therefore, the existing PHP application also requires a certain modification to run on the SAE platform.

  Company Business Management System:

  I. Financial management:

Intuit's Intuit websites business provides a one-stop enterprise construction Station service, including a simple Visual enterprise Web page Editor, Web space, binding (or application) domain name services, web design services, network marketing tools (directory login, SEO, AdWords, Mail marketing, etc.).

Intuit Quicken is a client-type personal finance software that makes personal finance very easy, but is not suitable for use by small and medium-sized enterprises, and Intuit Quicken has a free web version mint. is a free personal accounting system for Intuit, which supports reading financial information from various banks in a read-only manner, managing user budgets, investments, credit cards, tax returns, and financial management. The number of registered users in Mint has reached 1.4 million last year.

QuickBooks is Intuit for SMEs launched financial software, has a client version and online version, QuickBooks has data import and export, tax returns integration, multi-user access rights, payroll management, inventory tracking, business reports, etc., suitable for use by enterprise users. Intuit QuickBooks Series Software has more than 6 million corporate users worldwide, and the 83.5%,intuit of retail sales of small desktop business accounting software in the United States is one of the most innovative businesses in the world by Fortune magazine.

  Second, customer relationship management:

Salesforce is a SaaS customer Relationship management (CRM), with approximately 1 million users worldwide, with major functional modules: sales, call Center (service), marketing, community, etc. Salesforce supports app applications, where users can install applications developed by Third-party vendors for Salesforce.

  Virtual Host management System:

Free Open source Virtual host management system has a lot of, mainly based on Linux + Apache, mainly the following products:

Vhcs: Chinese language Pack, Support server administrator, agent, end customer management three levels. With user management, mass mailing, IP address management, traffic management, server status query, statistical analysis and other functions, built-in customer service system.

Ispconfig: Three level management, there are anti-spam, iptable, firewall management, mail scanning, Shell, service management, Recycle Bin.

SYSCP: Three level management, built-in customer service system support, less other features.

DTC: Support Chinese, mainly in PHP (also write some gadgets in Perl), with SH control Apache reboot.

Zpanel: Supports IIS and Apache under Windows.

Ispman: Suitable for large IDC use, distributed ISP implementation, implementation of the system is more complex, including the 3~5 machine software installation. The function is more powerful, the user structure is perfect, has the administrator, the ISP customer, the seller, the ISP administrator and so on.

GNU Hosting Helper: Suitable for large IDC use, support distributed management, multiple servers need only one administrator Control Panel and a customer control panel. Written in Perl, the function is very powerful, with the server, firewall, mail, domain name, service monitoring, customer support and other functions.

Other: In addition to free open source system, there are commercial software cpanel and webhost Manager, the use is also very popular.

Administrators and agents log on to the Webhost manager system and the customer logs in CPANEL,CPANEL/WHM at $425 a year.

  Enterprise Self-Service Construction Station system:

Visualization of the enterprise self-help station to do a lot of foreign, more famous is the Google Sites, unfortunately this service is harmonious, so it is not suitable for domestic enterprises to use. Some domestic companies have also developed a number of self-help station systems, usually not open source and free, belong to the kind of business, mainly the following several.

Million Network construction station platform: million network to provide agents a dedicated host management system, but also provides a non-visual enterprise self-service building tools, enterprises such as company name, address, telephone can generate a simple set of Web site. Popular version of the 5-year price of 1500 yuan, all-round version of the 5-year price of 3000 yuan.

A lot: The foundation Type 1 years 980 yuan, the promotion type 1 years 1680 yuan, the sale type 1 year 2480 Yuan.

The above resources and programs, some for enterprises to use, some are for the use of E-commerce services companies, hope that the domestic SMEs can also seize the internet opportunities, experience and practice the dream of the Internet, into the e-commerce trend, and ultimately through information to enhance the image and competitiveness of enterprises.

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