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Fusion communication, unified communication, referred to as UC, is often translated into unified communications. Fusion communication refers to the new communication mode, which integrates computer technology with traditional communication technology, integrates computer network and traditional communication network on a network platform, realizes telephone, fax, data transmission, audio and video conferencing, call center, instant communication and many other applications.

Fusion Communications (UC) contains a number of communication systems or patterns, including unified messaging, collaboration, and interactive systems, real-time and near real-time communications and transaction applications.

From the point of view of the communication business of enterprise organization, mainly includes two aspects: first, the communication between internal personnel, mainly to the effective coordination of work as the goal; the second is the communication between enterprises and customers, generally in the form of contact Center/call center, and with the Enterprise CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system closely with, In order to maximize customer satisfaction and loyalty to enterprises to bring more business opportunities. Whether it is internal communication, or communication between enterprises and customers, it will be a huge application field of fusion communication.

Converged Communications Service is based on the ability to provide voice, data, video and multimedia business information and communication technology to carry out a full range of business services, the current global mainstream telecommunications operators have to position the integration of communications services for the business and technology development of the core direction.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) in short, the Analog sound signal (Voice) is digitized to be delivered in real time on the IP data network (IP network) in the form of a data packet-Packet. The biggest advantage of VoIP is the wide adoption of the Internet and global IP interconnection environment, providing more and better services than the traditional business. VoIP can deliver voice, fax, video, and data services cheaply on an IP network, such as unified messaging, virtual telephony, virtual voice/Fax mailboxes, number search services, Internet call centers, Internet call management, videoconferencing, E-commerce, Fax store forwarding and the storage and forwarding of various information.

VoIP talk.

In recent years, network communication is unstoppable, QQ, flying letters and other instant messaging software to impact the traditional way of telephone communication, which also created a lot of internet upstart, investors hope in the network of a piece of communication. Following the QQ, flying letter and other software, in recent years, the development of network telephony, enterprises and individuals are widely used in long-distance calls at home and abroad.

At the same time, in recent years, some network telephone "words" in schools, residential areas, industrial areas, such as rapid rise. Unlike the traditional "IP public supermarket", which sprang up a few years ago, the operating costs of VoIP are cheaper and entry thresholds lower. As long as a computer, a broadband, several telephones plus a billing software can operate, network companies to the franchisee or operators to provide technical support. As convenient as the usual phone calls, the network "words" quickly occupy the middle and low income and migrant workers in the market, and the traditional telephone business formation impact.

VOIP "Congenital defects"

The quality of the call is affected by the network

No use during power outages

There is a gap between clarity and traditional fixed-line

The risk of being overheard stealing

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