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<chart palette='4' caption='d'
xAxisName='d' yAxisName='fdsfds'
showValues='0' decimals='0'
formatNumberScale='0' baseFontSize='12'
useRoundEdges='1' rotateYAxisName='0'
exportEnabled='1' exportAtClient='0'
<set label='d' value='462' />
<set label='Feb' value='857' />
<set label='Mar' value='671' />
<set label='Apr' value='494' />
<set label='May' value='761' />
<set label='Jun' value='960' />

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?><!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd">   var chart = new FusionCharts("../Charts/Column2D.swf", "ChartId", "500", "300", "0"," 1");   chart.setDataURL("Data/Column2D.xml");      chart.render("chartdiv");</script> </td>  </tr>  <tr>    <td valign="top" class="text" align="center"> </td>  </tr>  <tr>     <td valign="top" class="text" align="center"><a href="Data/Column2D.xml" target="_blank"></a></td>  </tr></table><script type="text/javascript"></script></body>

Whether to display the animation data. The default value is 1 (true)
Whether to display the horizontal axis (X axis) label name
Whether to rotate the display label. The default value is 0 (false): horizontal display.
Whether to display the corresponding data value in the chart. The default value is 1 (true)
Minimum value of the vertical axis (Y axis), Number
Specifies the maximum value and number of the vertical axis (Y axis ).
Whether to display the chart limit value (maximum and minimum values of the Y axis). The default value is 1 (true)
Showcolumnshadow: whether to display the shadow between different bar charts (if the cylindrical chart is tied together)
Showalternatehgridcolor: whether to display different colors on different rows
Chart title and axis name
Chart title
Horizontal Axis (X axis) Name
Vertical Axis (Y axis) Name
Imagesave = '1' whether to save the image
Imagesaveurl = 'path/fusionchartssave. jsp 'image path

Hovercapsepchar = ','. Delimiter of the prompt information displayed when you move the cursor over the cylinder
Showhovercap = '1' whether a prompt is displayed when you place the cursor over the cylinder
Hovercapbgcolor = 'ffffff' indicates the background color of the message.
Chart and canvas Style
Chart background color, 6-digit hexadecimal color value
Canvas background color, 6-digit hexadecimal color value
Canvas transparency, [0-100]
Canvas border color, 6-digit hexadecimal color value
Canvasborderthickness canvas Border thickness, [0-100]
Projection transparency, [0-100]
Whether to display the series name. The default value is 1 (true)

Font attributes
Chart Font Style
Chart font size
Font color of the chart, 6-digit hexadecimal color value
Font Style other than chart canvas
Font size other than chart canvas
Font color other than the outcnvbasefontcolor chart canvas, 6-digit hexadecimal color value

Partition line and grid
Number of horizontal partition lines inside the canvas, numbers
Horizontal partition line color, 6-digit hexadecimal color value
Horizontal partition line thickness, [1-5]
Horizontal partition line transparency, [0-100]
Whether the showalternatehgridcolor is in an alternating color on the horizontal grid. The default value is 0 (false)
Alternatehgridcolor horizontal grid with alternating color, 6-digit hexadecimal color value
Transparency of the alternatehgridalpha transverse mesh band, [0-100]
Whether to display the DIV row value. Default Value ??
Number of lines and numbers in the vertical partition inside the canvas
Vertical partition line color, 6-digit hexadecimal color value
Vertical partition line thickness, [1-5]
Vertical partition line transparency, [0-100]
Whether the showalternatevgridcolor is in an alternating color on the vertical grid. The default value is 0 (false)
Alternatevgridcolor alternating color of the vertical mesh, 6-digit hexadecimal color value
Transparency of the alternatevgridalpha longitudinal mesh belt, [0-100]

Number Format
Add digit prefix
Add the digit suffix %
'% 25'/(ton) is' % EF % BC % 88% E5 % 90% A8 % EF % BC % 89 '(server. urlencode encoding)
Formatnumberscale: whether to format a number. The default value is 1 (true). It automatically adds K (k) or M (million) to your number. If it is 0, K or M is not added.
Number of digits of the specified decimal place. [0-10] For example: = '0', the value is rounded up.
Divlinedecimalprecision specifies the number of decimal places in the horizontal partition line value, [0-10]
Limitsdecimalprecision specifies the number of decimal places of the maximum and minimum values of the Y axis, [0-10]
Commas (,) are used to separate numbers. The default value is 1 (true). If 0 is used, no separator is used.
Specifies the decimal separator. The default value is '.'
Specify the delimiter of thousands of bits. The default Delimiter is ','

Tool-tip/hover title
Indicates whether to display the hover box. The default value is 1 (true)
Hover specifies the background color of the box, with a 6-digit hexadecimal color value.
Hovercapbordercolor indicates the frame border color, which is a 6-bit hexadecimal color value.
Specifies the delimiter between the value and the value in the hover box. The default Delimiter is ','

Line chart Parameters
Line thickness
Line node radius, number
Line node transparency, [0-100]
Line node fill color, 6-digit hexadecimal color value
Line node border color, 6-digit hexadecimal color value

Set tag Parameters
Data Value
Link (this window opens [url], a new window opens [n-url], and the JS function [javascript: function] is called)
Horizontal Axis label name

Showfcmenuitem = '0'

1. varmychart =
Newfusioncharts ("../fusioncharts/fcf_column3d.swf", "mychartid ",
"600 ","
500 ");
The first parameter is the address of the SWF file.
The second is the image ID. You can call this ID as needed, but note that there is
This ID must be unique when multiple images exist.
The third parameter is the image width.
The fourth parameter is the image height.
We also need to set the data file address.
1. MyChart. setdataurl ("data. xml ");
Finally, we render the image in a specified place.
1. MyChart. Render ("chartdiv ");
"Chartdiv" is the ID of the previous Div, which indicates render the image to "chartdiv ".
Now you run jschart.html, and you will see it in the same way as chart.html
Same effect. Obviously, JavaScript is used for loading.
Graphics, more convenient, more intuitive.

If you want to open the page in a new window, you just need to add "N-" before the connection, just like the following code:
1. <graph caption = 'monthly sales summary 'subcaption =' for the year 2006'
2. xaxisname = 'month' yaxisname = 'sales' numberprefix = '$'>
3. <set name = 'Jan 'value = '1 7400' link = 'N'-demolinkpages/demolink1.html'
Color = 'afd8f8'/>

Detailed description of XML data nodes and common attributes
Caption = 'title'
Subcaption = 'subtitle'
Clickurl = 'abc. jsp 'jump to ABC. jsp when you click the entire chart
Xaxisname = Department'
Numberprefix = '¥' Data prefix Unit
Numbersuffix = 'data' data suffix Unit
Decimals = '2' keep two decimal places, rounded
Forcedecimals = '2' forcibly retain two decimal places, for 5.1 to 5.10
Yaxisname = 'completion rate'
If you use Chinese characters and Chinese characters, you need to add the property rotateyaxisname = '1'
Showvalues = '1'
Yaxismaxvalue = '000000'
Common bgcolor = '2014, 1, ffffff' for percentage'
Gradient bgcolor = '000000' monochrome
Useroundedges = '1' light effect
Basefont = ''
Basefontsize = '12'
Basefontcolor = '000000'

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