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Website planning is one of the key contents of successful website platform construction. In China, the real popularization of full-time site planners is strictly 2002, before more by the technical personnel (software project manager, website art, etc.) as the position, with the Chinese Internet environment turned fine, the site's high competition makes the site planning status highlighted. We can see that many truly in the leading position of the website platform 90% has a feature-the site planning ideas clear and reasonable, user-friendly interface, the role of Web site marketing is strong, so professional site planning is a future site success of one of the important conditions.

In the future, the site planning presents the following 5 major trends:

1. Have the market/sales awareness, and master the solid technology of professional website planning talent into a popular
Site positioning determines the width and depth of the idea of the site planning, the website customer decides the website plan thinking form, the website page and the program realization decides the outstanding website planning thought the expressive force, the website market/the sale verifies the website to plan the level high and low; if need to deepen and use the thought of the sentence, must have the market, sale, and solid technology in one, this compound site planning talent is today's big website brand competition indispensable human resources, with the country in 2001 to open E-commerce Professional, this talent really mature need to wait more than 5 years; but because the website is more and more, the competition of excellent website is more and more difficult, This talent in 5 years will be engaged in the Web site sales, market, technology in these three areas of talent, in which the current Web site competitive strength is not high, the transformation of technical personnel is the current status of the site planning, but the future of the market/sales-oriented talent transformation, can really promote the site planning to specialization.

2. Human-machine engineering thought will be a big way
Ergonomics, also known as ergonomics (ergonomics), is a science that allows technology to be humanized, a science that is related to the coordination of technology and people. That is, how to let the development of technology around the needs of people to unfold, people as the starting point of product and environmental design, so that its performance, color and so better adapt to and meet the needs of human physiology and psychology, so that people in the work more safe, convenient and comfortable, more efficient. Its research methods and evaluation methods are related to psychology, physiology, medicine, human body surveying, aesthetics and engineering technology and many other fields.

Ergonomics has permeated every part of our lives, such as: drinking cups, toothpaste for washing, and computers to use. And so on, ergonomics is conducive to product sales optimization agent, then we from the professional website planning, more need ergonomics help us to make the website platform easier to sell to target customers. In the future ergonomics will enable the site in the following areas to be a qualitative upgrade:

Humanization: Through the guidance of text language, graphic language, personalized interaction and so on, so that the site platform more conducive to customer browsing to attract and retain customers.

Convenience: The website is easy to operate, easy to use, the content distributes reasonable, conforms to the customer's behavior custom.

Logic: The overall web site planning process in line with customer psychology, and fully analyze the characteristics of the customer industry based on the establishment of the internal functions of the site logic conversion, so that customers enjoy the entire access process.

Scientific: Website column planning, positioning with scientific, its full representative of the site's intentions, but also to fully mobilize visitors continue to click to guide customers to buy products.

Control: The site in the establishment of customer behavior rights control, must conform to the company's business rules, according to different types of customers to produce different permissions.

Interactivity: Establish asynchronous communication system (Help Center, Message Board, Operation Guide ...) To facilitate communication between the customer and the website, establish a synchronous communication system (instant chat, telephone feedback ...) Achieve immediate two-way communication goals.

Interface friendliness: Psychology shows that the appropriate interface for the customer click on the promotion of desire and impression index of the promotion effect is obvious, the website interface is the important carrier of communication between the customer and the website, at this point the website planner needs to cooperate with the website designer to realize. But the method of thinking ensures that you do the following:

A, the same interface object is consistent, continuous behavior?
b, the various tips are simple, clear?
C, the color is unified, coordinated? Do you avoid using too many colors at the same time?
D, the text content is concise, the focus is outstanding? is the font, size, and font appropriate?
E, the interface object of the static and dynamic processing is appropriate?
F, the layout is reasonable, concise, coordinated, beautiful, the picture is balanced and so on?

3. Cultural concept of comprehensive infiltration site planning combat
Website competition from technology competition, platform competition, as well as the current market competition, after several years of development, the future will rise to the "cultural competition" of the height, such as: Sina network media, NetEase Virtual community, Ali businessman culture ....

From a historical point of view, the economy can promote the development of culture, but can determine the economic and political trends;

From the point of view of the management of the website, good website management can make the customers of the website keep gathering, exchange, and gradually establish a website or website industry or the nature of the site as the core of the culture, but the establishment of the site or network culture can drive the site from quantitative to qualitative change, and can form a "Matthew effect" on the site capital operation, Market operation, technical operation, human resources operation and other comprehensive aspects of the catalytic effect, so that the real success of the site operation.

From the existing culture of the site case to see, Sina has become the most authoritative network media in China and even the Chinese world, and it has formed the fifth largest media, which is tied up with TV media, magazine Media, newspaper Media and broadcast media, and its cultural strength can be seen. The Community communication website which is represented by NetEase is so, the network game culture, Network dating culture is deeply rooted, and to China's internet popularization process has a decisive role in promoting; to Ali, when, ebay, Taobao as the representative of the businessman culture, to China to the world, the world to understand China, businessmen online business popularization of the contribution to see; to job, Cjol, Drobo, The network Human resource culture represented by Chinese talents has accelerated the national human resource efficient interaction.

Therefore, the high level of competition in the Web site is the culture of competition, and the formation of cultural website brand, professional website planning must not be, how to effectively integrate the company's resources, customer resources, industry resources, the formation of culture, is the site planners need to think, practice difficulties.

4. The theory of System website planning is produced within five years
Website planning is an interesting science, it involves psychology, aesthetics, ergonomics, engineering, network knowledge ... And many other disciplines, in foreign countries, has gradually been the professional theory of this area; not at home, but as China's high-quality Web site competition is increasingly fierce, thereby exacerbating the Web site planning specialization process, in the next 5 years, professional website planning theory books will appear, but we are more looking forward to the experience of the rich site planning team, To promote their actual combat experience to theoretical knowledge, so that the theory of Web site planning closer to the market, promote the professionalization of Chinese web site management.

5. Website Planning specialization leads to the integration of web design style: simplicity and personality into the mainstream;
Many in the country to talk about the difference between site planning and web design, many people can not say, mainly because the overlap between the two areas, the site planning needs to consider how the idea through the design, procedures to reflect, the site design needs to fully understand the basis of the site planning ideas can be flexible design. As the website planning specialization process accelerates, will make the overall site planning, website design, web site development become complex, we need to take into account a lot of technology outside the market, customer factors, therefore, the future of large-scale Web site design performance style should be integrated, and trend: very simple, full personality two aspects.

Extreme to Simple style: refers to the most simple way, distribution, performance page content, to guide customers to reach the target content, to avoid the problem caused by excessive content, it is the site planning and design of the distribution of reasonable requirements very high, the best in the domestic when Ali, Sina, Cjol, Drobo Talent Network ...

Full style: Refers to the design of the website in a variety of ways. It is mainly for a number of entertainment-oriented large web sites or corporate websites, it has a high intensity of eye attraction, rich pictures or text expression, so that customers can enjoy the site content and services, in this style as a representative of the large web site temporarily did not find, but the corporate website is Coca-Cola, Sony Entertainment station ...

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