G1 garbage Collection or the collection of nouns in Java garbage collection

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The first thing to say is garbage, what's the name garbage?

All is garbage, also first,second, I am not against who, everyone here is rubbish!!!


WTF, hot pots? What about my grandmother's heat, heat,you know?

In short, the hotspot is a Java virtual machine to follow the specification of a realization, it was not sun company, but another company, was later acquired by Sun, anyway, is now Oracle, Oracle said, do not Rob, are mine.

Garbage collector

The concept of garbage collection is early, do not think it is the earliest in Java. This thing was in the 60 's. Garbage collector function is very simple, is to collect in-memory unused, obsolete objects, from the perspective of programming, the garbage collector is a thread, I can not say a few threads, because I do not know, haha.

Collection Cycle

The idea is to take a garbage collection task for too long.

Three garbage collection cycles in G1: Young generation Collection cycles, multi-level concurrent tagging cycles, and mixed collection cycles

Generation of garbage collection, generation and generation of space

Java heap

Young Generation Space

Old age Space

Eden Space

Survivor Space

Parallel garbage Collection

Stop-the-world-type garbage collection, suspension

Concurrent garbage collector

Incremental garbage collector

Mark, re-mark

Compression, compression type garbage collector


Parallel multi-level concurrency tagging, purge phase

Hotspot heap Layout mode, each generation adjacent

partition, Jumbo partition, free partition, free partition list

Fallback pause full GC

Security protection mechanism when garbage collection encounters a transfer failure

Transfer failure, warranty failure

The rotating hair of the reference

Application thread, garbage collection thread

Mixed GC

GC Efficiency definition

Collection Collection

Local allocation buffer (TLAB), why is Tlab allocated faster?

Pause time

G1 garbage Collection or the collection of nouns in Java garbage collection

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