G1 Installing the Linux Debian system

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Develop Android fifth, G1 install Linux Debian system

To install the Linux Debian System (Debian Armel) on G1, the following conditions are required:

(a) preferably t-mobile g1-cyanogenmod
Reference http://bbs.weiphone.com/read-htm-tid-538606.html

(b) preferably using 8GB MicroSD Class 6 card to optimize partition EXT3/EXT4
Reference http://bbs.weiphone.com/read-htm-tid-467309.html

(c) Turn on WiFi to install packages

Installation method

(1) SDcard content will be deleted after repartitioning, use ADB to prepare if necessary sdcard

Go directly to step (4) If you do not need to repartition

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  1. ADB Pull/system/sd/app App
  2. ADB pull/system/sd/app-private app-private
  3. ADB Pull/system/sd/dalvik-cache Dalvik-cache
  4. ADB Pull/sdcard SDcard

(2) SDcard partition (G1 to enter Recovery mode first)
Reference http://bbs.weiphone.com/read-htm-tid-467309.html

It is best to reserve 1000MB to 1500MB for EXT3/EXT4 partitions, the following example is with 1500MB
MKPARTFS Primary FAT32 0 6437
Mkpartfs Primary ext2 6437 7937
Mkpartfs Primary Linux-swap 7937 7969
1.5G ext2 Partition

(3) Reply sdcard with ADB (G1 to exit Recovery mode and restart)

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  1. ADB push App/system/sd/app
  2. ADB push App-private/system/sd/app-private
  3. ADB push Dalvik-cache/system/sd/dalvik-cache
  4. ADB push Sdcard/sdcard

(4) Wefiler download debian.tar.gz


Do not unzip, direct the debian.tar.gz
Incoming G1 to/sdcard/

(5) Entering the shell with ADB

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  1. ADB shell

(6) Play

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  1. cd/system/sd/; BusyBox tar-xzvf/sdcard/debian.tar.gz

(7) After completion, restart G1

(8) G1 turn on WiFi

(9) Enter the shell with ADB and hit

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  1. Chroot/system/sd/bin/bash

Then you can go to Debian system and exit Debian.

(10) Change root password

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  1. passwd

(11) Update package

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  1. Apt-get Update
  2. Apt-get Upgrade

(12) Installing the package SSH server

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  1. Apt-get Install Openssh-server openssh-client

After G1 reboot, turn on wifi and use putty or SSH to enter G1

(14) What are the useful software packages?
GCC compilers

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  1. Apt-get Install Build-essential


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  1. Apt-get Install Python

Web server lighttpd and PHP5

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  1. Apt-get Install lighttpd php5 php5-cgi



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  1. Apt-get Install Tightvncserver

(a) How does Debian remove packages?

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  1. Apt-get Remove XXXX


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  1. Dpkg-r XXXX

Reinstall package

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  1. Apt-get--reinstall Install XXXX

Clear the downloaded file

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  1. Apt-get Clean

View Installed Packages

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  1. Dpkg--get-selections


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  1. Dpkg-l

(+) How does Debian search for packages?

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  1. Apt-cache Search XXXX


(G1) How do I stop the automatic opening of SSH server?

G1 Installing the Linux Debian system

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