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For the game page design, there may be many designers focus on visual design, thus ignoring the user's feelings. Personally think that in fact a page design how, the key is the user on the page all aspects of the feeling.

Time quickly, through nearly a year of strong demands on their own (fast obsessive-compulsive disorder), design thinking has undergone a great change.

You may ask what kind of page design is a good page design, the individual probably summed up a bit.

Q: For the game page to say, what kind of page is an excellent page design?

A: There is a good visual orientation, so that users in the shortest possible time to find the content of the content at a glance, the overall page of visual creativity feel comfortable and do not feel conspicuous.

At present, the design quality of the game page is improved rapidly, the details of the page on the promotion, creativity and the sense of form and so have a great change in the petals of a variety of collection also let me see everyone's design thinking and creative changes, especially the sense of form, a variety of triangular, diamond, circular stitching makes the page become flexible and diverse, ever-changing. But some design in order to pursue creativity and ignore the user's feelings, the page, although the vision is very good, but let the page did not do its duty, which led to the online after the effect is not good.

All the above analysis is personal opinion, there is a wrong place also please understand

I'm sure you'll want to ask, what is the user experience, specifically what I can not say, the user experience includes a wide range, including the user's behavior, psychology, habits, feelings, and so on, as well as the page layout, structure, framework, code, visual, interactive and so on and the product itself and content are related.

According to the network, the book definition and personal understanding, simple to do a summary.

Q: What is the user experience?

A: The experience of the user in the process of using our products or browsing our website, even the feelings of the wrong operation (including good and bad)

The user experience involves a wide range of facets, as a visual designer, has been trying to integrate visual design and user experience closely. Choose some of the recent cases you have done to share and discuss with you. I hope you will give us valuable advice.

Based on the above user analysis and existing materials, start creative analysis.

The existing material is as follows:

Through the line I think of the drawing, according to his historical background, the whole screen of the first screen using the form of ship design, the ship line manuscript in the middle of the drawing, the drawings on the aircraft, shells and other warships on the composition of the elements of the line on both sides, the drawings are vernier caliper, compasses and other drawing tools press the edge of the line draft. Let users associate the design process of the ship's drawings with the user who loves the battleship's curiosity about the structure of the battleship, and the psychology of the deep anatomy of the warship.

After the first screen loading finished, the draft will become a battleship model entity, and the size and position of the line draft and the model are always the same at the time of switching, from the loading page over to the homepage. Home screen Design The ship is placed on the sea, through the ship around the waves and the small ships and aircraft before and after the performance fully embodies the center of the warship. The same location of the ship's lines and the gradual transformation of the entity, to enhance the user's sense of generation, the page to create a sense of historical vicissitudes to mobilize the user mood, giving users to revive the World War II historical scenes of psychological cues.

Details of the World War II atmosphere, for each ship carried out the difference design. For example, Bismarck's English name uses Gothic lettering because it is the font used in German official documents during World War Ii.

Add mouse scrolling tips on the home page, increase interaction with the user, the user sliding the mouse control frame-frequency playback, to help users maintain a longer attention, and create a sense of the site's rhythm.

Because users have been watching the site for a long time before entering the information fatigue phase. So the design of the interaction here, so that users need to drag in person here, aiming at the ship bombing. The user's emotions are aroused to the level of excitement through the user's own manipulation.

Below show

User response

In this test, we expect to complete the task. The PV value is over 1.5 million during the entire test period. After investigating 90% of the players like.

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For the above analysis of creative design, first look at the design draft.

Cover page after the first screen

The sexy person sets the visual impact, has the very strong temptation to the male player, brings up the male player's interest.

Cover page Other Toggle page

Main Page Complete Draft

Cover and Main page of the screen using a unified tone, blue and orange over, each screen is a large-scale multiplayer battlefield for the background, foil game features, stimulate the user's fighting mentality, so that users can understand the characteristics of the game more clearly.

The design of the UI and material is similar to the elements in the game, such as chain, navigation bar, video play frame, etc., reflect the story background of the game, help users understand the game product.

If the person on the page looks at the side of the thing, then people will habitually look at the same place. The trend of the people in the page to help users focus on the content of the page. Give the user a role in instructing

User response

This time in the test. PV value over 2 million in a week. After investigating 90% of the players like.

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Summary: In the page design, not only to show the meaning of the page itself, such as: Suspense station to show a mysterious, festive theme to show the festive atmosphere and so on for the user to consider how to attract the attention of users, grasp the user's psychology, after all, we have designed everything for the user service.

Personally in this respect there is a great lack of, I will continue to work hard, I hope that everyone put forward valuable advice, common learning and common progress.

Thank you!!!

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