Game&watch, 30 years ago, is more innovative than Apple's watch (People's post, "Happy Travels," 53)

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"Can electronic calculators only count?" What if you let the numbers become the little guys that can jump and jump? "The first thing that was born to fragment time was born more than 30 years ago.

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Published in the "People's Post and telecommunications" application version of the Travel News column, April 18

When Apple Watch, the "light-luxury" route, accepted the "spit" and praise around the world, who remembers the game&watch that swept the palm of the world 30 years ago. There are "watch" in the name of the two products, but in form the former is a watch (watch) worn on the hand, a noun, while the latter is more biased towards a watch's verb meaning: look. Perhaps in this sense, the former has a form of disruptive innovation, but that's it; the latter can play a day with two dry batteries, while the former has a standby time of only 18 hours.

Steve Jobs and Apple have always been used as a model for disruptive innovation, and in the 80 's, when Steve Jobs pioneered the introduction of personal computers, the iphone was the original product of Apple's brilliance, but the ipod and ipad were not Apple's original Instead, it has been improved on the basis of MP3 and tablet computers launched by other companies, injecting a more disruptive business model.

Game&watch is the Nintendo company introduced in 1980 portable handheld game machine, is the prototype of the handheld game equipment, its designers cross Jin Ping once said: "Making the world's original invention, this is my creative philosophy, in the constant competition and challenges to fully reflect the self!" "Interestingly, it is said that Game&watch's inventive idea stems from the whim of Jin Ping, who was seen working on the Shinkansen, who had been fiddling with the electronic calculators for the ride, whose names were derived from video games and digital quartz watches. As a result, the game equipment that was born to make the most of the fragmented time was targeted at first: as portable as a watch, so that everyone can have it.

Speaking of this, the friends who have been reading this column may be amazed at how this idea is related to the "car". That year, Lalf Bell was waiting at the bus stop when suddenly came up with an idea, and later became the "father of video game." Perhaps the reason for this "coincidence" is simply that for the workers at that time, the process of waiting and riding is too boring, unlike today's young people have smartphones can play games, read novels, had to invent their own time to pass the "tool".

Where is Game&watch's disruptive innovation? In fact, it's simple enough. The product only one or two keys, the use of black and white LCD screen, the screen for a fixed single frame switch, with a small game, so that the entire game console only palm size, is a veritable "palm in the treasure." By enclosing all the game's operations in one or two keys, the game needs to be very easy to get started. On the face of it, the game machine has lagged behind the times in technology, using the technology of a handheld electronic calculator that was already very mature at the time. But precisely this technology, the tedious process of computing into a game process, the subtraction and the digital keyboard into one or two game keys, the real realization of disruptive innovation.

When Apple redefined the smartphone with the iphone, it simply solved the problem of "why must have a keyboard" with the touch screen, and solved the "why the main function of the mobile phone" is the user's little perplexity with a richer game and entertainment application.

"Can electronic calculators only count?" What if you let the numbers become the little guys that can jump and jump? "Maybe in the car when the cross Jin Ping is so cranky."

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Game&watch, 30 years ago, is more innovative than Apple's watch (People's post, "Happy Travels," 53)

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