GARTNER:2014 Annual Global MSS Market Analysis

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At the end of last year, Garnter released the 2014 Global MSS (manageable security Services) Market Analysis Report (MQ). Another revision was made in May this year.

According to the report, the 2014 global security Outsourcing market reached $13.8 billion, while the MSS market had $7.9 billion.

As a mature business, threat management and compliance remain the basic drivers of the MSS market. One of the new drivers of threat management is the new threat detection. Mainstream MSSP have taken a number of new technologies to carry out new threat detection techniques, including collecting and analysing information about attackers and their methods and motivations, and obtaining insights through the analysis of large-scale security events for customers around the globe; security incidents, it logs, Network traffic and terminal activity use advanced analytics to identify behavioral or statistical anomalies, and monitor the next generation of protection and detection devices that customers have deployed and combine them with the capabilities of threat intelligence and security analytics.

The following is the 2014 MSS Market MQ Matrix:

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Compare the 2013:

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As can be seen, Verizon, IBM and BT have a more obvious setback, Symantec some progress, now is SecureWorks a solo show, the overall market structure remained basically stable.

SecureWorks provides advanced threat detection services, including the provision of threat feeds, custom rules (signatures), correlation analysis, and historical data analysis.

IBM's MSS service relying on technology is relatively miscellaneous, has its own qradar, but also used to FireEye services and T services.

Verizon lags behind rivals in log management capabilities, especially in the area of large-scale log collection and analysis reports.

Threat Intelligence service has become one of MSSP's optional services. This includes the comparison of events with the reputation library, the comparison of alarms or activity patterns with the IOC, and the analysis of activity patterns through security baselines. The acquisition of all this information is mainly based on a large amount of data collected from the client side, that is, security big data.

In general, the report on the MSS market analysis and convergence in 2013, especially the MSS market division, so no longer repeat. Some reflections on the domestic market can also be found in the MSS analysis for the year 2013.


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