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Almost every application or dynamic website needs to be managed in the background. background management plays an important role in the whole interface design. Many management screens are bundled with this application (such as WordPress, magento, etc.), but custom applications require Custom backend management. We usually use a simple process to create a management template, but we have to double the effort.

Thanks to the designers/developers for designing various free Management Templates for everyone. We have carefully collected these practical templates and hope you will like them.

1.Charisma admin Template(Demo)

Charisma is a responsive management template created based on Twitter Bootstrap. There are nine different themes to choose from, covering almost all available features, including style, graphics, buttons, tables, and file manager. Click GitHub.

2.Inadmin-jquery admin Template(Demo)

Inadmin is a management template built by jquery, including top navigation, style list, style, and information. In addition, it has a very beautiful login page.

3.Blue Nile admin Template(Demo)

This is a responsive management template created using Twitter Bootstrap, including navigation, tables, forms, sign-in/sign-up, error pages, and so on. This template is free of charge.

4.Admin panel Template

This is an independent page template that contains navigation bar, sidebar, and style/error information. If you want to create a template by yourself, this is a good choice.

5.Web app theme(Demo)

This is a great template that covers all functions. In addition, it has many different themes to choose from.

6.HTML5 admin template by medialoot(Demo)

This is an independent page template that contains charts, tables, information, and typographical information. It can be downloaded for free.

7.Spring-time admin Template(Demo)

Spring-time is a very concise template that works with very nice navigation and sidebar display. It supports the data table style list.

8.Bluewhale admin Template(Demo)

Bluewhale is created by the 960 mesh framework + jquery UI. Provides extremely simple layout, lists, tables, charts, graphics, images, and notification bars.

9.Free admin Template(Demo)

This is a free management template with simple pages, navigation, and data display tables. In addition, it highlights the ability to convert the WRD reading form into a HTML5-CSS3 that contains various versions of the download entry.

10.HTML5 admin Template(Demo)

HTML5 page, you can use various elements on the backend.

11.Gray admin Template(Demo)

It is mainly composed of gray themes, including navigation, grid, table, buttons, and mode dialog boxes. At present, some backend functions need to be customized and improved.

12.Steal my admin Template(Demo)

This management template provides multiple dashboard lists and supports data grids and form styles.


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