General process of DB2 general upgrade method

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Download Revision Packs

DB2 does not require a different level of revision packages to be installed individually, and the level-high Revision pack contains all the code in the lower-level revision package, so you can pick the most current-level package download.

Download location:

Choose the appropriate locale and product version

The example in this article was successfully installed in the following environment:

IBM xseriers 345 (Inter 32-bit)

RedHat Enterprise Linux 3.0

DB2 V8.1 for Linux

The corresponding download directory is:

Preparatory work

You should make a full backup of the database before you prepare to upgrade the revision pack.

First review the current revision package level to confirm that you need to upgrade

$ db2level

Comment out the DB2 monitoring process for automatically started, if this process starts automatically with the system

# Vi/etc/inittab

Find the related line comment out

Reboot system

# reboot

Log in to Das Admin user, stop Das Service

# su-db2as

$ db2admin Stop

$ exit

Log on to the instance owner user, stop the instance

# SU-DB2

$ DB2 Force applications All

$ DB2 Terminate

$ db2stop

$ exit

Stop License Service


$ exit

See if there are any DB2 related processes running, which may cause the upgrade to fail if there are other DB2 processes running.

# Ps-aux |grep DB2

If there is, kill

Kill-s 9 Process Number

Ready to install Fixpack Level 6, enter the download file to extract the directory

# CD fp6_mi00080/


Start the installation of Fixpack level 6 under Root status


Upgrade instance and Das service after Setup completes

# SU-DB2

$ cd/opt/ibm/db2/v8.1/instance/


$./DASUPDT db2as

Binding Required Packages

$ DB2 Connect to DLHDB

$ DB2 BIND/OPT/IBM/DB2/V8.1/BND/DB2SCHEMA.BND blocking all grant public SQLError continue

End of upgrade

Reference Resources

Tips for Installing the DB2 Universal Database (DB2 UDB) Revision pack on Unix


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