Genetic and evolutionary u4.1_ gene guide protein synthesis

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The five carbon sugars in RNA are ribose

The five carbon sugar of DNA is deoxyribose.

Three RNA types

mRNA is a messenger, transcription of DNA information

tRNA is a transporter that transports RNA and is an amino acid. A tRNA specifies the handling of an amino acid. Very professional

tRNA is much smaller than mRNA, the molecular structure is folded, like clover, the upper end carries amino acids, the lower end has three bases. The 3 bases of each tRNA can be paired with the codon of the mRNA, called the anti-codon.

rRNA has a catalytic effect

Transcription is performed in the nucleus, with a chain in the DNA double strand as a template for the synthesis of the mRNA process.

After the mRNA is synthesized, it enters the cytoplasm through the nuclear pore. A variety of amino acids that are free in the cytoplasm are synthesized using mRNA as a template to synthesize proteins with a certain amino acid sequence, a process that is translated.

3 adjacent bases are a codon that determines an amino acid

Ribosomes can move along the mRNA,

Translation is a fast process that synthesizes 15 amino acids per second at 37 degrees

An mRNA molecule can be connected to multiple ribosomes and synthesized simultaneously.

Therefore, a small amount of mRNA can synthesize a large amount of protein.

After the peptide chain is synthesized, it is detached from the ribosomes and mRNA complexes and is transported to their respective positions through a series of steps.

The disc is folded into a protein molecule with a specific spatial structure and function, and undertakes various duties of life activities.

Genetic and evolutionary u4.1_ gene guide protein synthesis

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