Genie hotel management software-Standard Edition (registration, check-out, cleaning, income and expenditure reports, etc.) Free Download

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The hotel management software is a management software for Small and Medium-sized hotels.

Core functions:

1. Data Disk: accommodation and cleaning in all rooms are clear at a glance

2. Visitor registration: click "waiting for guests" in the data disk to register the guests.

3. Check out: Click the checked-in room to check out.

4. House cleaning: Click the checked-out room to clean the house.

5. Accommodation Report: You can search and query the accommodation status of all rooms based on the date and name of the tenant.

6. Income and expenditure report: the income and expenditure of housing in each time period can be queried by day, month, or year, and the profit is automatically calculated.

7. Room Type and room settings: You can flexibly set the room type and room according to your hotel situation.

8. Function reminder: The room fee can be automatically calculated based on the room registration unit price and check-in time, and the refund or compensation amount can be calculated automatically.

9. Enhanced Functions: automatic scanning and registration of ID cards, and automatic data uploading to the Police Station online. These two functions provide enhanced board functions, and the price is charged separately.

Software Security:

All data is stored on your computer and can only be seen on your computer. The software can still be used normally without being connected to the Internet.

The software can set the password required to use the software as needed or check whether the report requires a password, so that the permissions of the boss and employees are separated.

Software features:

The software is small, flexible, functional, and simple to operate. You can learn how to use the software in 3 minutes. At the same time, the software interface font eye-catching, myopia or middle-aged and elderly people can also use.

Compared with other management software interfaces that are complex, cumbersome, easy to operate, and expensive, this software is really simple and effective. The so-called small but refined, small and clever!

Billing standard:

The direct selling price is 10 yuan/month, 98 yuan/year, and one year is counted as one year. No charge is required. Less than 3 cents a day, almost equivalent to 0 cost to use the software, but it can save you a lot of manpower and energy, more importantly, make your query convenient, convenient statistics, historical business data is permanently saved and can be queried whenever possible.

Software Services:

This software is developed by myself based on the actual situation of Small and Medium-sized hotels. This software can be used without installation. If you have any questions during the practical process, you can personally provide remote network guidance and real-time online technical support. If you want to ask a question, you may have to switch to another sales agent. Let alone solve the problem for you. So this software is used with assurance and Service Assurance. What are you waiting for? Come and use it! Early use is easy to use, and early use benefits! This software will launch a post-paid trial this month. We will try it for one month first. If you are satisfied, you will pay for it again. This is really a great value and you will not be able to lose your chance. Please take action!

Contact info:

QQ: 48512329 mobile phone: 13718892567

Free Download:

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