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The gestalt is the transliteration of German "gestalt", meaning "Gestalt", which is an organic whole with different parts of the separation characteristics. This kind of wholeness is applied in psychology, which produces Gestalt psychology, which is also called Gestalt psychology in China.

Gestalt psychology asserts that when people watch, the Eye and Brain act together, not at the outset, to distinguish a single component of an image, but to combine the various parts to make it a more comprehensible entity. When a gestalt China contains too many unrelated units, the eye brain tries to simplify it, combining units to make it a perceptual, comprehensible whole.

Gestalt theory clearly suggests that the eye-brain function is a process of continuous organization, simplification and unification, and it is through this process that it produces a whole that is easy to understand and coordinate. This gives rise to some basic principles of gestalt (for layout and interface design):

The proximity principle emphasizes the position. Grouped together according to the degree of proximity. The closer they are, the more likely they are to be grouped together. As shown below, we are more inclined to perceive it as the left and right sides of the whole.

In design, the approach principle is applied in many places. The similar content is grouped by the approach principle, while leaving the spacing, giving the user the visual order and reasonable rest.

The principle of similarity emphasizes content. People often combine things that are obviously common (such as shape, size, color, etc.), namely: Similar parts form several groups in perception. In the figure below, we look at the shape as a circle and a square, depending on the size, we can look at the square as a generous block and a small square, depending on the color, we could look at the circle as red and green two whole.

The use of approximate text, color, image and white in the design can better distinguish each module. The following figure in the Thunder member navigation, through the principle of similarity, we can easily distinguish between first class navigation and level two navigation.

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