Get in the car. Project Introduction (500 words)

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Get in the car, this is a very interesting day-to-day Android mobile phone software, dedicated to creating a college student's exclusive Entertainment creative community, discuss the topic of easy leisure close to college life, and in the society is very popular bar, embarrassing encyclopedia similar. In the car can see other people released The Spit Groove and share their most precious happy experience or heard of the rape, cups, grass eggs, interesting, uncomfortable, and other situations of life small jokes, quickly get on the train inspired by everyone often said the sentence: "No time to explain, get on the bus." The implication is for more small partners to join our ranks quickly.

Comment: Passengers can express their feelings after seeing the like and, including by stepping on the stand. Leave your own view, comments in the comment box will leave the status of the reviewer and comment on the floor, interacting with the person who commented and viewed the comment.

ID Registration: Each user has their own unique ID as a distinction, registration can not register the registered user name, and after registration can no longer modify their own ID. The only way to change the ID is to re-apply for the account.

Our software mainly divided into 3 modules: "Spit Groove" "Bad Map" "Solitaire", spit Groove mainly includes the software system from the Web page crawl of the small jokes, and passengers to share the small jokes, embarrassing diagram module including shared pictures, sun out of the selfie, Solitaire module is the name of the story solitaire, You can publish a story at the beginning and then by the vast number of users to take a period of thrilling story, we will be the most interesting, the most outrageous story at the top and posted on the team blog to stay as a souvenir.

Get in the car. Project Introduction (500 words)

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