Get rid of the golden ratio. Web layout you can do that.

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It has been said, "although the layout is only the form of content, but it can determine the viewer's attitude to the content," from this sentence is enough to see the importance of layout in the design.

From the layout of the page can be seen a designer's design standards, the previous page layout will be in accordance with the principle of the golden ratio of typesetting design, so most of the Web page is also stereotyped, and now, the layout of the Web page has not been able to make visitors have visual fatigue, so must make some changes In order to adapt to the future design trends, add more ideas in the layout.

The following case is our collection of Web page layout-related cases, hoping to bring inspiration to everyone.

1. The first case is our customized official website for U2 lighting. The layout of the site is relatively simple, the atmosphere, in addition to the "0-wire frame" treatment, so that the overall look more comfortable. Designers use the contrast between black and bright to highlight the characteristics of the product, while creating a fashionable and mysterious atmosphere.

2.Syropia Web site will look a bit messy, but in terms of layout on the fact that there is no problem, and the main reason for the page clutter is that designers use too much cosmetic elements, such as fonts, geometric elements and so on. From this case, we can see that the simple layout can not be too much decoration.

3. The layout of this site is relatively rare, from the overall view of cascading orderly unity. The designer floats the important text content above the filter background, with the high transparency color block enhances these text the reading nature, the small detail achievement effect lets the page structure become clearer.

4. The square pattern can give the person a kind of formal, the rule feeling, the symmetrical effect also deepened the entire webpage the sense of balance and the coordination. The arrangement between the text and the picture is patchwork, the area of the white space and the overall single tone of the page is also very moderate, while browsing gives a kind of gentle feeling to the person.

5. This case uses a real character background, use the background of the page layout is generally very simple, in the color will not use a lot of color to decorate, so need some elements to help make the Web page more logical, card-style design concept is very good to fill this gap, so that the page does not look monotonous.

6. This case uses is the picture wraps the text the layout way, the picture quantity is easy to cause the browsing time ignores the text content, therefore the designer will main text font bold, the button uses the Phantom design, neither appears very abrupt, also with the website overall tone is very consistent.

7.benj&soto is a foreign e-commerce site, in general, the electrical business site is the same, the major sites in the form of basic nothing very large access, especially the Product Details page, the order of arrangement are showing an astonishing similarity. The case of the site has broken such a conventional layout, the left side of the product is some basic information, the right to the picture, give users a more all-round understanding of the psychological feelings of goods.

8. The design concept of the case comes from the blackboard image in the classroom, the layout also embodies some layering feeling, chalk effect also let temporary information display become very natural affinity.

9. The circular elements in web design can naturally give a gentle and warm sense of security, and the Hamburg icon in the case is also incorporated into this element. The large text will make the Web page a bit boring, geometric patterns just make up for this.

10. This website uses the design of grid layout, make the webpage become more clean and tidy. Although there are many types of content, text, pictures, and even streaming media, but the reasonable layout so that the content is not messy.

Page layout in the design of the web has played a great role, not only to make the page as a whole to look more coordinated, but also to improve the quality of the content of the site itself.

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