Get rid of the unpleasant "yellow warning" in Android engineering

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One: The problem

  Two: Solution
    • (1) Select Android Project, right-click android tools-> Clear Lint Markers

      This way can erase all the warning messages in Android, but unfortunately, the next time you open eclipse will continue to prompt, very uncomfortable!

      (2) Ignore the specified warning with @suppresslint callout

      To use this callout, you need to introduce Annotations.jar, which will be available when the new project is created by default. Use as follows:

      in the class, method, variable and so on preceded by labeling @SuppressLint ("Newapi"), this newapi is generally a specific class, do not remember, the message will be automatically added. Plus annotations can resolve no longer warnings, but the code seems to become redundant. In short, there is no Qimei method, my practice is to let him continue to warn, the program can run normally just fine!




Get rid of the unpleasant "yellow warning" in Android engineering

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