Get the system's emoji emoji custom keyboard

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First of all, want to get the system's expression, to first know the expression corresponding to the UTF8 encoding, I will part of the picture Show, and then with the UIButton arrangement, IOS 7 added more than 300 emoji, these can be Baidu found, now on the code:

Convert numbers to

#define EMOJI_CODE_TO_SYMBOL (x) ((((0x808080f0 | (x & 0x3f000) >> 4) | (x & 0XFC0) << 10) | (x & 0x1c0000) << 18) | (x & 0x3F) << 24);

The defined macro turns into UTF8 and takes out the corresponding emoji:

Get the default emoticon array

-(Nsarray *) defaultemoticons {

Nsmutablearray *array = [Nsmutablearray new];

for (int i=0x1f600; i<=0x1f64f; i++) {

if (I < 0x1f641 | | i > 0x1f644) {

int sym = Emoji_code_to_symbol (i);

NSString *emot = [[NSString alloc] initwithbytes:&sym length:sizeof (sym) encoding:nsutf8stringencoding];

[Array Addobject:emot];



return array;


In the corresponding array of expressions in order to store the expression in UIButton, put out some code:

Get array

Nsarray *arremotion = [self defaultemoticons];

Put the expression in the UIButton.

CGFloat W = 30;

CGFloat H = 30;

CGFloat X;

CGFloat Y;

for (int i = 0; I count; i + +) {

X = ten + (w+5) * (I%10);

Y = 260 + (I/10) * (H +5);

UIButton *biaoqing =[[uibutton alloc] init];

Biaoqing.backgroundcolor = [Uicolor Redcolor];

Biaoqing.frame = CGRectMake (X, Y, W, H);

[Self.view addsubview:biaoqing];

NSString *str = Arremotion[i];

[Biaoqing settitle:str Forstate:uicontrolstatenormal];

Biaoqing.tag = i;

[Biaoqing addtarget:self Action: @selector (Biaoqingclick:) forcontrolevents:uicontroleventtouchupinside];


This completes the expression added to your custom keyboard and sets the Click event to add the emoji to the TextField or label:

-(void) Biaoqingclick: (UIButton *) biaoqing{

Nsarray *emoji = [self defaultemoticons];

NSString *str = Emoji[biaoqing.tag];

Self.textField.text = str;


Basic ability to complete, show: In the background server processing emoticons, after MySQL 5.4 can automatically recognize UICode expression encoding, and verified that the iOS side of the emoji on the Android can also be recognized, if the MySQL version is too low, error unrecognized UICode code, See the server-side blog for emoji Support: is not finished, follow-up post to make a similar custom expression display way.

Get the system's emoji emoji custom keyboard

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