Getting Started testing for Autokeras Windows

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In the test to analyze the effect of the IDE, in the Pycharm test when the teacher prompted memory overflow, and run Autokeras CNN really consumes a lot of space. But on the same computer, there is no problem when you change the Vscode for testing. I don't know what's going on. Recommended if the computer running memory is not 12G recommended don't run. It's a good idea to use Vscode. This IDE performs relatively efficiently. And there are few problems. The only certainty is that writing code is inefficient. You can also write code in Pycharm and put it in Vscode to perform the test.

Test data download Link: Https:// Password: 3UBR

Test code:

#Coding:utf-8Importosos.environ['Tf_cpp_min_log_level'] ='2'ImportNumPy as NPImportMatplotlib.pyplot as Plt fromScipy.miscImportimresizeImportCv2 fromAutokeras.image_supervisedImportImageclassifier fromSklearn.metricsImportAccuracy_score fromKeras.modelsImportLoad_model fromKeras.utilsImportPlot_modelImportTimestart=time.time ()defread_img (path,class_num): Imgname_list=os.listdir (path) n=Len (imgname_list)#img_index,img_colummns,img_rgbsize = plt.imread (path+ '/' +imgname_list[0]). ShapeImg_index, img_colummns = [28,38]#This setting is important. If your computer is good, you can ignore the settings. Otherwise, there is not enough memory.     Print(img_index,img_colummns) data= Np.zeros ([n,img_index,img_colummns,1]) Label= Np.zeros ([n,1]) Class_number=0 forIinchrange (N): Imgpath= path+'/'+Imgname_list[i] data[i,:,:,0]=imresize (Cv2.cvtcolor (Plt.imread (Imgpath), Cv2. Color_bgr2gray), [img_index,img_colummns])if(i)% (class_num) = =0:class_number= Class_number+1label[i,0]=Class_numberreturnData,labelx_train,y_train= Read_img ('./data/re/train', 80) X_test,y_test= Read_img ('./data/re/test', 20) Animal= ['Bus','Dinosaur','Flower','Horse','Elephant']#animal category corresponds to Labelvalue for [1,2,3,4,5]#plt.imshow (x_test[0,:,:,0],cmap= ' Gray ') ()if __name__=='__main__':    #Model BuildingModel = Imageclassifier (verbose=True)#Search Network (x_train,y_train,time_limit=1*60)    #Validate the optimal modelModel.final_fit (x_train,y_train,x_test,y_test,retrain=True)#give the results of the assessmentScore =model.evaluate (x_test,y_test)#Recognition ResultsY_predict =model.predict (x_test)#accuracyaccuracy =Accuracy_score (y_test,y_predict)#print out score and accuracy    Print('Score:', Score,'accuracy:', accuracy) Model_dir= R'./modelstructure/imgmodel.h5'model_img= R'./modelstructure/imgmodel_st.png'    #saving a visual model    #Model.load_searcher (). Load_best_model (). Produce_keras_model (). Save (Model_dir)    #Load Model    #Automodel = Load_model (model_dir)    #output model structure diagram    #Plot_model (Automodel, to_file=model_img)End=time.time ()Print(End-start)

Getting Started testing for Autokeras Windows

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