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This article mainly introduces the jQuery Getting Started Guide for beginners. jQuery is currently the most popular JavaScript library. If you need it, you can refer to what jQuery is and what it can do for us? If you are a Web developer and have written JavaScript programs, you may be using jQuery. Even if you have never tried it, you have heard of it at least, in fact, jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library at present. According to statistics from relevant departments, about 28% of global websites are using jQuery. This number may be exaggerated, but it is just as popular as jQuery. This article only briefly introduces how to use jQuery, and serves as an introductory tutorial.
Download jQuery code and load it on the page

First, download the latest jQuery code from the official jQuery website. jQuery provides two official versions: Compressed and uncompressed, if you do not want to read or analyze the jQuery source code, we recommend that you download the compressed version because it is smaller. After the download is complete, load it in your HTML code. The loading method is as follows:

  JQuery tutorial 
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