Getting Started with--linux basics of Linux Basic series

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1. Linux-related open source agreements are:

Gpl:general public License (common common license)





(1), GPL:

DPL is the abbreviation of the GNU General Public License and is an unofficial Chinese translation of the GNU Common Authority. It is not published by the Free Software Foundation nor is it a statutory release of the GNU General public licensed software-only the original version of the GNU General Public License in English has such effect.

For more information see links: Https://

(2), BSD:

The BSD license was developed with the release of BSD Unix by the University of California, Berkeley, and the modified version was Apple , Apache are used.

The BSD protocol is a member of the "Permissive free Software license," which gives minimal restrictions on software reuse. The BSD protocol allows authors to use the resources under the agreement to incorporate them into a private version of the software, which can be published using the closed source software protocol.

(3), Apache:

Apache licence is the protocol used by the famous non-profit open source organization Apache. The agreement is similar to BSD, encouraging code sharing and respecting the authorship of the original author, as well as allowing the code to be modified and republished (as open source or commercial software). The conditions that need to be met are similar to BSD:

The user who needs to give the code a copy of Apache licence if you modify the code, it needs to be described in the modified file. In the extended code (modified and in code derived from the source code) need to have the original code of the Agreement, trademarks, patent statements and other original author rules need to include the instructions. If the rereleased product contains a notice file, the Apache Licence is required in the notice file. You can add your own permission to the notice, but you may not be able to make changes to Apache licence. Apache licence is also a friendly license for commercial applications. Users can also modify the code as needed to meet their needs and publish/sell as open source or commercial products.

2, the Linux program generally consists of the following parts:

Binary program

Configuration file

Library files

Help file

3, the Linux Package Manager role:

Package program composition files into one or a limited number of files




4. Linux Distribution Package Manager

Release version Package Manager Front-end management tools
Debian Dpkg (Deb)


RedHat Rpm Yum-->dnf
S.u.s.e Rpm Zypper
Port Pacman

Getting Started with--linux basics of Linux Basic series

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