Getting Started with Linux

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Discover a website that exercises Linux systems: Lab Building

Before Windows installed the virtual machine, and then in the virtual machine loaded Ubuntu, has been practicing there for nearly 1 years, now found a site such as, recommend to some novice, casually practice, review, to see how the effect of their study.

User and file Rights management
    • File type

socket: Network sockets. pipepipeline, this thing is very important, we will discuss later, here you first know that there is the existence of it. 软链接文件: There are two types of linked files, and the other is, of course, "hard links" (hard links are not used, and soft links are equivalent to shortcuts on Windows, which is enough for you to remember).

    • File permissions

Read permission, indicating that you can use cat <file name> such commands to read the contents of a file, write permission, that you can edit and modify a file;

Execute permissions, usually referred to as binaries or script files that can be run, as files that are suffixes on Windows exe , but Linux does not differentiate file types by file suffix names. One thing you should be aware of is that a directory has both read and Execute permissions to open and view internal files, and a directory with write permission to allow other files to be created, because the catalog file actually holds information such as a list of files in that directory.

    • File size

Show all file sizes and present them in a way that ordinary humans can understand:


Where small S is the size of the display file, big S is sorted by file size, and if you need to know how to sort by other means, use the "man" command to query.

adduserAnd useraddWhat is the difference?

A: Useradd only create users, created by using passwd Lilei to set the new user's password. AddUser will create a user, create a directory, create a password (prompting you to set up), do this series of operations. In fact, Useradd, userdel such operations more like a command, after the execution of the return. And adduser more like a program, you need to enter, determine a series of operations.

Linux also has some content about hidden permissions and special permissions, and users who want to fully understand the content of Linux Rights Management can learn in other ways.

Getting Started with Linux

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