Getting Started with Word animation tutorial 125: Saving Custom list Styles

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Save a custom multilevel list of symbols in the Normal template so that you can easily invoke this list style with a new document based on the template.

First step: Customizing paragraph Styles

Customize A, B, C, D4 paragraph styles and save them to a template, as described in the previous section.

If you have used the document to define a list style, you can close the document, create a new document, and then execute the format → bullets and numbering → multilevel list tab, select this style, and then click the Reset button.

Step Two: Save the custom multilevel symbol list

1. Execute "format" → "Bullets and Numbering" → "List styles" tab.

2. Click the Add button to open the New Style dialog box.

3. Name the new style, which is named "thesis" in this example.

4. Click the Format button, select number, open the Bullets and Numbering dialog box, and select a style to be referenced.

5. Click the Customize button to open the Custom Outline Numbered List dialog box, select the level one by one, make each setting and link the level to the first custom paragraph style (animation demo, refer to the previous section).

6. When you are finished, click OK to go back to the New Style dialog box.

7. In the New Style dialog box, you can make some of the following settings:

The Start time box is actually the start number and is not available for the symbol class. In this case, if you set the first level "Start time" to "01", the first number will be "0th chapter".

Format applies, sets the font format for the symbol (numbering) section, and is not valid for subsequent text.

In addition, you can change the type of symbol (numbering), increase the indent, or decrease the indent for a certain level.

8. Select the Add to template check box to save the new style to the Normal template.

9. Click OK to close the dialog box and use this style in the document. You can click the Close button if you don't want to use it temporarily. You can use the format → bullets and numbering → list styles tab in a new document that is based on the Normal template only, in the List style box, select Paper, and click OK.


1. This section is connected to the previous section, and the operation is slightly cumbersome. The author found that the level of multilevel numbering and the custom paragraph style links, if you add (or add) a document in the multilevel list style, the C, D-style "paragraph indent 2 characters" format is lost. Therefore, in the case of similar situations, it is recommended to start again from the first step.

2. In contrast to this example, there is another way to use multilevel numbering: Levels are linked to A, B, C, d after style, these styles in the Style box automatically renamed to "chapter A", "First B", "One, C", "D", select any of them, you can immediately display their numbering format in the document, and then just use The Increase Indent button (or tab) and the Reduce Indent button (or Shift+tab key) toggle the display between custom levels of numbering.

The animation of the specific operation process is as follows:

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