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Because I did GG optimization myself for two and a half years, not very long. At that time, I was able to see very limited information on optimization, in most cases, I put some test pages on GG and pay attention to the ranking. I use my own practices to affirm my ideas and others' optimization methods. If I find that the ranking is not ideal, I wrote down the top three websites with the same keyword for research and comparison, excluded the influence of external links, and found my website's shortcomings. After repeated optimization, my website ranks at least the top four, this method is very effective.
Finally, the GG optimization is quite easy with the correct page layout.
The host has a great impact on the search engine ranking of the website. When looking for a host provider, do not just consider the price. If you submit a website to Google multiple times but Google has not indexed it, it may be that the server where the website is located has a problem. Therefore, pay special attention to the following points when selecting a server:
1. Avoid using free hosts: because free hosts often contain Spammers, image websites, Bridge pages, and other "search engine spam ", many search engines do not want to index websites on free hosts. At the same time, search engine directories such as Yahoo are hard to include commercial sites from free hosts. In addition, it is difficult to guarantee the services of free hosts, such as server overload, slow speed, frequent downtime, and even service shutdown, which will directly affect website rankings.

2. Select a reputable host provider: the indexing program of the search engine regularly or irregularly accesses the recorded website. For frequently-updated websites, Google's Googlebot, commonly known as "Spider", crawls a small amount of data every day and performs a large index once a month. If the web page cannot be opened or the download speed is slow when indexing occurs, the indexing will be abandoned. Therefore, your website must work normally at any time to win the joy of the spider. This requires the host system stored on the website to provide fast, stable, and secure services. It is best to have 24-hour customer service support and maintenance to ensure the fast, reliable, and stable operation of your website.

Host transfer:
If you want to transfer the host service of the website, you need to find a new provider before canceling the original service provider. Create an account at the new service provider to ensure that all files are correctly uploaded to the new server. After the website is running on the new server, contact your original supplier to inform the other party that the cooperation will be terminated, but ensure that they will not close your website immediately. Contact your domain name registrar (maybe the original host provider) to change the Domain Name Server (DNS ). The domain name server function is to resolve your domain name to an IP address that can be recognized by the computer. Change the old domain name server to a new one. This process takes about 24-48 hours to take effect. In rare cases, it may take 72 hours. During this period, if a search engine just captures your webpage, either the website on the old IP address or the website after the new domain name resolution takes effect, in short, there will be no blank files that cannot be opened by the website. The keyword concept is generated based on the statements entered by potential customers or target users when finding your website in the search engine. This is not only the core of search engine optimization, it is also the core of search engine marketing.

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