Giant Network: integrity is not saved, all losses

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In the recent period, giants (networks) listed on the market were very troublesome. There are a lot of things that people cannot understand. Frankly speaking, I don't care about the listing of giants. Because, I don't understand what a giant (network) is doing in a "profiteering model.

On June 19, November 26, Coughlin Stoia, a well-known U.S. law firm, announced that it had begun to contact the U.S. regional court (Southern District of New York) for the giant interactive group ") its officials and the highest authority (directors) sued "class action suit" and accused giant group of violating the U.S. Securities Law (Securities Act, 1933 ). What is this?

To put it simply, Coughlin Stoia law firm (as "plaintiff", "plaintiff") pointed out the fact that when giant group went public in November 1, did not explain to the public the real situation that giant group's business performance declined in the 3rd quarter of this year, thus misleading the public (investors ), as a result, the loss caused by the stockholders (the stock fell sharply ). The so-called "Collective litigation" means Coughlin Stoia, on behalf of these lost investors, sued the giant group for "not honest" and demanded "claim ". Note that the object of the claim ("defendant" and "Defendants") is a giant group and its senior officials. Giants (individuals) cannot escape the responsibility of "not honest" and must bear the corresponding consequences. Coughlin Stoia is an irrefutable fact. The plaintiff asked the giant group to give a reply within 60 days. Otherwise, he would "go to court" and wait for the final decision of the court. If the giant group wants to say "private" (that is, accept "out-of-court mediation"), Coughlin Stoia "Express" the giant, then go to its consultant, Samuel H. mr. Rudman (his contact number and email address are also provided ). What Should giants do? In November 27, the giant group rejected all the allegations from the other party and said, "We will respond positively ". So did the giant's senior officials think of who it is against? If Coughlin Stoia "Bites" the giant's "unhonest" hat, once it is buckled, the giant's stock will not know where it is going to fall (to a certain extent ), the loss of giants (market value) will not know how big the end is.

In the US legal profession, Coughlin Stoia is "amazing". I'm afraid no one knows. It has 190 senior lawyers, dedicated to "intellectual property" litigation, and enjoys "very complicated" litigation. Coughlin Stoia filed a lawsuit for another person, and the amount of the lawsuit was as high as $45 billion. The giant group, especially outside China, is probably not a competitor of Coughlin Stoia.

Giant group, since integrity does not exist, it will inevitably lose everything. Foreign rules are different from those in China. Who will believe that the giant's "profiteering model" will survive? Unless dumb. Let me talk about it. On the listing of giants, the domestic media has been "too busy", even the "strange tricks" (actually very stupid) I am afraid to approve the code (I will give it a full assessment), so it is so shameful to let it go. It is really hard to understand or not to understand.


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