Gift Packs after the festival! Open XSQL source code, open plug-in source code, and open sofire v1.6 source code (uploaded)

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With the sofire v1.5 concept, X-SQL has been around for nearly two months. After incomplete internal tests, sofire suite ushered in the beta version of v1.6. This time, the source code and test will be available.ProgramAnd Visual Studio add-in for XSQL.

For more information about XSQL syntax, see the previous article. 1.6 of the syntax and 1.5 of the syntax remain unchanged. This article will focus on how to use XSQL and the introduction of XSQL related tools.

=== Address ===

Sofire suite v1.6 open source address (including XSQL and xsqlmodelgenerator) (uploaded)

Sample download

Download the xsqlmodelgenerator plug-in

The source code is being uploaded as soon as possible, for exampleCodeAnd plug-in code uploaded.

=== Directory ===
    • Download and install xsqlmodelgenerator
    • Generate an object
    • Compile an XSQL
    • Content generated by xsqlmodelgenerator
    • Last
Download and install xsqlmodelgenerator

1. Download The xsqlmodelgenerator.addin.rar plug-in.

2. Close all Visual Studio and decompress the files in xsqlmodelgenerator.addin.rar to "My Documents \Visual Studio 2010\ Addins "or" My Documents \Visual Studio 2012\ Addins ".

3. Open Visual Studio and open a project. You can see it in the toolbar, or right-click Project, item, and directory:

Generate an object

1. Open xsqlmodelgenerator (run the program once. When the program is started for the first time, two tables are automatically generated)

2. If it is a brand new project, or click the configuration button in the upper left corner, the following pop-up will appear:

3. model (the so-called entity or model) and XSQL can be placed in different projects. Click the Browse button on the right to bring up:

This is a "project or Directory" selector that supports multiple projects.

4. Click Generate in the upper right corner to generate the following files:

5. If the same path already exists under models before generation, overwrite it and move the old file:

If the XSQL file already exists, it will not be overwritten.

Compile an XSQL

1. Open an XSQL file:

2. XSQL Editor

3. Compile an XSQL statement. The following is a GIF image:

4. Execute an XSQL statement. The following is a GIF image:

Content generated by xsqlmodelgenerator

1. generate two files:Xsqlformdemo \ models \ usersmodel. CSAndXsqlformdemo \ xsqls \ usersmodel. XSQLOf course, it also includes the generation or modification of the XSQL. Setting file.

2,Usersmodel. CSContains three objects.

These include

1. ______ model: the original model class, which contains the field set of the corresponding table.

2. ______ xsqlparameters: a parameter set that contains a combination of the field parameter sets of the corresponding table.

3. DB ______: interacts with the database for static functions.

The content of and is very important and easy to do in daily development. However, these are not the main content of this article.


The entire article mainly introduces the use of tools and the demonstration of some XSQL effects, and does not involve the description of its principles. If you are interested in this content, you can leave a message or download the source code for research.

Thank you!

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