Girls should find a guy who plays ACM.

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1, a strong sense of professionalism
In the future, he will certainly have his own passion for the cause. And one of the sexiest moments of men is when he is absorbed in his work. So, find a chance to watch him from the side while he's concentrating on ACM, and you'll find out what I'm saying right.

2, never give up the spirit
At the beginning of the game, the God-ox team was flying rough. Play ACM Boys will not flinch, but decided to a person to continue to ac down, relying on their desire for victory, win a balloon, two balloons, three balloons ... N A balloon! Even WA has a constant battle to the last minute. If there is no unyielding spirit, long ago gave up. So, it's hard to find someone who is easy to concede in the men who play ACM.

3. Gentleman's Manners
Even by a variety of gods and the leader of the abuse of the heart is all tears, even if it was pressed to 3 hours only out of AC, a after or to see the gods and cows to the medals and bonuses taken away, the big deal Another day we also brush the problem! On the success or failure of life heroic, big deal from the beginning. Over time, the boys who play ACM will develop a modest and prudent character.

4. Perseverance
An ACM, it will not be smooth sailing, but they will be in a backward situation, the full search for every opportunity to make a comeback, this time needs patience. Patience to adjust the mentality, patient to think, change ideas, or even knock an algorithm 10k template (not recommended), and then seal the list after the storm a bunch of balloons seconds people! In your life, there will also be uncomfortable time, so choose a patient husband, and then two people, always with a calm attitude, to face the common life.

5, heavy calm
Every guy who plays ACM must have been tortured by another team, and not just once. At this time, he will not surrender to each other, and will not complain, but will calmly and calmly use each topic details to think of the algorithm, and then deliberately two WA, around Halo each other, until their own out of AC, and then put 200% of the anger back!

6. Superior Observation Ability
As a play with ACM boys, one of the basic skills is in the topic of observation details of the tips and requirements, to do in my mind, which letter can be prompted from. Day after day, year after year, his observation was absolutely the same as Sherlock Holmes. Also with you, he will not neglect your feelings, including your smiles, every move. When you are tired, he will help you, when you are happy, he will be happy with you, when you are depressed, he will comfort you. Alas, there is a husband so, husband what to beg!

7, beyond the ordinary people's agile response
It is also a basic skill of ACM, and the reflex arc is not suitable for this sport. When the quake struck, the guy who played ACM was definitely the first to move a laptop/mainframe/monitor/draft paper to block the top of the head.

8. Selfless dedication
I ask the guy who plays ACM didn't give his teammates lunch, let the water, let the seat? So ACM is definitely a need RP very high competition, if you are very selfish, teammates will let you go to OJ to brush water problems. Life, you give him a leaf, he will give you the whole forest; you give him a drop of water, he will give you the whole sea!

9. Focus on the future
When to do, is to play ACM Boys should know the heart of the matter. Every moment he was in the heart of the plan, calculate the flow of the algorithm, consider whether the boundary will overflow, floating point precision will WA. After forming a meticulous personality, he will also put your life in order, the day after tomorrow is your birthday, should open a party, the day after tomorrow to buy rice, the way to buy the soy sauce back. Well, that's it.

10. Cooperation ability
ACM is a three-person race. No one can save the world. In a game, only with a few months of training team mates to AC1, AC2 ... ACN, the only way to get into WF, take the gold medal. In reality, sweet love, is not in the two of people in a tacit cooperation in the production of it?

11. Ability to save money
In ACM, the amount of brush and template amount can be said to be the lifeblood, no brush problem without accumulation, no accumulation there is no template, and then NB memory, and NB's understanding is in vain. So, playing ACM boys have a very good habit, is to brush questions and save templates. After the unremitting efforts in the major OJ, finally boil to the live dozens of catty template, that is a broken cocoon into a butterfly process (especially suppress an algorithm 10k template when), so find a play ACM boy is to find a will save the man, MM in the future will be very rich oh ... At least the husband to save money, the wife spent the oh ...

Girls should find a guy who plays ACM.

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