GIS, geographic information system, military, energy, power and other geographic systems, visual graphics Middleware, VC + + source code component library

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" we The solutions provided do not imply that the e-form++ Visual Graphics component library can only develop these aspects of the application, in fact e-form++, like any other third-party C + + component library, contains hundreds of features that can be used separately. As with Qt, MFC, and so on, you can independently decide if you need a feature in e-form++, generally speaking, as long as you need graphics display, need flowchart, control chart, printing function, typesetting function, simulation, electronic map, power wiring diagram, form and so on, you can use the E-form++ component library And, of course, sometimes you just want to use the drop-down colors and other controls provided by e-form++ without drawing functionality, that's fine! "

GIS of Geographic information system:

1. e-form++ provides the most comprehensive vector editing capabilities necessary to develop any GIS system. You can integrate this part of the functionality into your GIS system, saving you a lot of development time.

2. Supports any scaling of the canvas.

3. Supports canvas panning, which can be moved horizontally or vertically by crawling the canvas with the mouse.

4. Support Small window pre-view, and can adjust the canvas visual area position through the rectangle in the window.

5. Supports complex operations of any polygon, including intersection, subtraction, phase, and remainder operations.

6. With the Shapedesigner program, you can quickly make any desired map entities.

7. Statistical charts support histogram, pie chart, etc., can be a more extensive report statistical analysis.

8. The same functionality of the OCX control is provided, which provides a fast Web deployment.

9. All the functions of the source code all use VC + + developed, and provide all the source codes.



Ii. Military and Energy maps:

1. By importing SVG or Shapedesigner composite graphic design program, you can quickly make a variety of map graphics.

2. Provide background and foreground dual-mode editing, you can place the map picture file directly into the background.

3. All polygons or any geometric shapes can be corresponding independent mouse click events, you can perform page jumps, run programs, send messages, display information and other large and extensive response events.

4. The system built-in design mode and operation mode, in the design mode, can complete the development of the map, in the operating mode, can respond to the various pre-set events. can also be developed directly in the development of two programs, one directly working in the design mode, the other directly working in the operating mode.

5. All graphics state can be freely switched, can be used in military and other simulation field development.

6. All code is developed in C + + and has a very fast corresponding speed.

7. The product canvas size can be arbitrarily set according to the needs, support panning, zooming, thumbnail window preview and other functions.

8. Extremely high performance, you can put tens of thousands of graphics on the same canvas to operate simultaneously.

9. Product features are very stable, has been used for many years, including British Rolls-Royce, France Alston, American Sim and many other aviation, military giants.

10. The product provides all 100% VC + + Design source code, lets you directly own the product most core technology, does not have any security question.

As shown in the following:

Combine the GIS with the HMI and SCADA!

The new Enterprise version of e-form++ provides a source solution that combines GIS with HMI and SCADA, and in this solution supports:

1), open any ArcGIS shape map as the background, all the map data including the layer information will be imported into the canvas, extremely fast. Performance is very good.

2), map display has a complete latitude and longitude, can be based on latitude and longitude positioning, query.

3), can be configured on this map using advanced HMI functions such as scripts, animations, meters, etc. provided by e-form++.

4), can switch to the operating state, running in the operation of the display and operation.

5), automatic Reservation plc communication interface.

6), all source code is written in Visual C + +/MFC.

7), all source code is provided without reservation 100%.


All over 500,000 lines of carefully designed and rigorously tested source code provide no reservations!
Provide more than 400 C + + extension classes, 500,000 lines of valid VC++/MFC source code, more than 70 samples or solution source code, complete and meticulous user online Help system and documentation, well-designed auxiliary development tools!

Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use visual map Source Library.
Powerful and flexible to create a wide variety of diagrams to meet your needs. Product design specifications, very easy to use, in just a few days can be based on your needs to design products. We offer a full support product download trial.

Ultra-versatile, such as automatic layout, multi-layered, collapsible sub-graphs, cell connection points, xml,dxf, SHP, SVG, etc., can help you to quickly and flexibly create complex diagrams. Support for a large number of events: such as click, double click, hover, select, Rubber band selection, copy, delete, resize and move support. Support for the most complex operations: drag and drop, unlimited undo/redo and clipboard operations, and more.

Save time and money and get reliable.
A picture is worth thousands of words, e-form++ provides more than 500,000 lines of well-designed and well-tested C + + source code! 10 years of development time, thousands of customers around the world to verify, can save you a lot of development times and money!

GIS, geographic information system, military, energy, power and other geographic systems, visual graphics Middleware, VC + + source code component library

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