Git code hosting system implemented in 12 different programming languages

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While SVN dominates the enterprise, Git is one of the world's version-controlled systems, and Git's entire community is very active, with a myriad of different types of open-source hosting systems and tools that surround git, all sorts of Git's open source escrow system.

This article introduces you to 12 Git code hosting systems developed in a variety of programming languages, and there is always one that meets your needs. Do not want to install themselves, you can also host the code on the, we provide you with a variety of services to ensure that the key is-even the private library is free, the number is not limited. (Not bad money)

Cut the crap and go.

1. Gitlab--ruby Development

Gitlab is an open source application developed using Ruby on Rails to implement a self hosted Git project repository that can access public or private projects through the Web interface.

Open source China's Git@osc is based on the Gitlab development.

2. Gitblit--java Development

Gitblit is a pure Java library used to manage, view, and process Git repositories. The equivalent of Git's Java management tools.

3. Gitbucket--scala Development

Gitbucket is an easy to install GitHub clone written in Scala, you just have to throw its war file into Tomcat and then start Tomcat directly to access it.

4. Gogs--go language (developed by Chinese)

Gogs (go git service) is a self-help Git managed services written in the go language.

5. Gitonomy--php Development

Gitonomy is a git warehouse management solution that is equivalent to a GIT server and provides web-based management and browsing for you.

6. Gitorious--ruby Development

Gitorious is a Web project hosting platform based on Git version control systems. Based on the Ruby on Rails development.

7. Viewgit--php Development

Viewgit is a Git version control system WEB interface for viewing information in a repository, viewgit installation and upgrades are simple.

8. Git manager--php Development

Git manager is a git Web interface that you can use to create and manage git repositories, users, and access groups. Based on the Apache authentication mechanism (HTTP or LDAP) and using the MySQL database to store relational data for repositories, users, and groups. Also contains the Viewgit repository viewing tool.

9. Git Web Development

Git Web Access is a set of developed web-based Git access systems.

Gitalist--perl Development

Gitalist is a browser-based Git Repository browser

Main Features:

Support for multiple libraries

Support multiple branches

Comparison of submissions

Atom Feeds

Color Coded commit History

gitweb.cgi URL Compatibility

Code--python Development

Douban CODE is a collaborative platform based on GIT version control system developed by watercress.

Code--c:community o:original D:developer E:eldamar

The current CODE only opens up a framework that supports:

Clone & Push Project

Create Project

Create user

Preparing the Environment



Python >= 2.7

Pip >= 1.4.1



Gitiles--java Development

Gitiles is a simple Git warehouse browser based on Jgit, with a focus on simplicity.

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