Git Getting Started (a): GitHub for Windows uploads local items to GitHub

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Git is currently the most advanced Distributed version control system, and as a programmer, we need to master its usage. GitHub's release of GitHub for Windows greatly reduced the cost of learning and the difficulty of using it, and he was even simpler than SVN.

First, create your own account on GitHub

GitHub's official website is:, I believe everyone should have their own GitHub account.

Second, download github for Windows

The official download URL is:, I downloaded the version for

Third, install github for Windows

After the download, click on the installation process, after the installation of the desktop will have two icons, respectively, and. GitHub is a graphical interface mode, and Git Shell is a command-line mode that we use GitHub for code management under Windows systems. Iv. new projects 4.1. Log in with your GitHub accountClick the Settings button in the top right corner and click Options. Locate the Log in option, enter your registered user name and password, and click the Log In button. 4.2. Create a warehouseClick "+" in the top left corner, switch to the Create option, fill in your own warehouse name and choose your own local warehouse path, click the Create Repository button. 4.3. Add content to the warehouseRight-click Webpack_test1, choose Open in Explorer, open the computer Explorer, put the code you need to upload into it, and we found that there is already (. git folder,. gitattributes,. Gitignore) These three files are automatically generated by GitHub, do not delete on the line. 4.4. Submit a change comment and push the code to the remote serverAfter adding the new content, go back to the GitHub Discovery warehouse already have the content, fill in the revision comment, click Submit. Click the Publish button in the top right corner to add a username and password and log in. After successful login, display the following page, fill in the description information of this project and submit. Click View on GitHub to see the results on the browser side, the display has been added successfully. V. Modification of the project I opened the WEBPACK_TEST1 project with submit and modified the file, adding a line of text, and now GitHub for Windows shows that I have changed the file. Specify to modify the comments and submit. found that the README.MD modified content has been updated to the external network. Vi. Delete items you want to delete unwanted items, click on the bottom right to go to the delete page, then click the bottom of the page pop-up box, then fill in the name of the deleted item, and then click Delete, as shown in:

Seven: Ending whispers

GitHub is a very powerful feature, but it's a bit difficult for novices to use, and this article just demonstrates simple usage, and then, if you have time to talk about GitHub's usage in detail.

To learn how to use GitHub for Windows to create a new branch, upload code, delete a branch, learn how to get started with Git (ii): Create a new branch, upload a code, delete a branch.

Git Getting Started (a): GitHub for Windows uploads local items to GitHub

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